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20 of Our Favorite New Father’s Day Gifts

May 21, 2018

20 of Our Favorite New Father’s Day Gifts | UncommonGoods

Jeez. It’s time for Father’s Day already? And to think, it seems like it was snowing just yesterday… but we digress. To give you a head start on your quest for Dad’s next favorite thing, we’ve assembled 20 of our best new Father’s Day gifts, from stuff for sports lovers to uncommon edibles. That’s right—none of last year’s leftovers here. Check out the full list below.


Baseball Bat Wine Rack | UncommonGoods

Can’t decide if Dad’s more sommelier or short stop? This handcrafted wine rack is made with a wooden bat sourced from Cooperstown, New York, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, so you don’t have to choose.

Baseball Bat Wine Rack – $100 Buy Now »



100 Albums Scratch Off Poster | UncommonGoods

He loves Madonna, Sinatra, and the Stones. They’re in good company on this scratch-off poster, which encourages spinning their classic albums—and giving 97 other LPs a listen.

100 Albums Scratch Off Poster – $15 Buy Now »


The Levitating Lightbulb | UncommonGoods

Dad’s got that whole “superhero” thing down, but let’s be real: he still can’t levitate. This magnet-powered lightbulb just might make up for it.

The Levitating Lightbulb – $349 Buy Now »



Free Wheeling Bike Glasses | UncommonGoods

For the dad whose bike is nearly as beloved as his kids, this set of four slanted glasses pays tribute to that whole “wind flowing through your hair” feeling he gets when he’s cruising on two wheels.

Free Wheeling Bike Glasses – $58 Buy Now »



Smartphone Photography Lens Set | UncommonGoods

No DSLR? No problem. Amateurs and photo pros alike will delight in the images these premium lenses produce, and they all come with lens caps and soft drawstring bags.

Smartphone Photography Lens Set – $30-100 Buy Now »



Ocean Winch Salt and Pepper Mills | UncommonGoods

Help Dad put the “sea” in “seasoning” with this duo of winch-inspired salt and pepper grinders. (Hey, we think he’d appreciate that pun.)

Ocean Winch Salt and Pepper Mills – $149.95 Buy Now »


Knock on Wood Knocker | UncommonGoods

Speaking of, his jokes make you belly laugh every time. So give him something funny in return: a little pewter hand that knocks on wood on his behalf.

Knock on Wood Knocker – $65 Buy Now »



The Whiskey Sphere | UncommonGoods

This stainless steel orb looks way cooler than an ice cube, no? It also chills spirits, like his favorite whiskey, without watering them down. That’s what we call a “twofer.”

The Whiskey Sphere – $24 Buy Now »



Keyring Charging Cable | UncommonGoods

He’s always on the move, and his favorite gadget’s right there with him. Make sure he never goes juiceless again with this clever keyring, which conceals a charging cable.

Keyring Charging Cable – $12 Buy Now »



Maple Hot Sauce Trio | UncommonGoods

Forget that 8,000,000 Scoville unit ghost pepper-infused chili oil you heard about on Man vs. Food. Dad appreciates subtler hints of heat, and this trio of hot sauces with maple undertones delivers. (No shade to Adam Richman, of course.)

Maple Hot Sauce Trio – $30 Buy Now »



The Mushroom Lamp | UncommonGoods

A pack of shiitakes? Not a good Father’s Day gift. But a lamp grown from mushrooms’ roots? That’s pretty cool.

The Mushroom Lamp – $125 Buy Now »



Shape-Shifting Bike Lock | UncommonGoods

Help Dad say goodbye to his rusty ol’ chain with a bendy bike lock that’s stronger than most.

Shape-Shifting Bike Lock – $70 Buy Now »



Fiery & Fierce Spice Rubs | UncommonGoods

Tame, sassy, and fierce aren’t words we’d usually use to describe Dad. (Okay, we might call him sassy sometimes.) But they are apt names for these varieties of spice rubs, which range from subtly smoky to super hot.

Fiery & Fierce Spice Rubs – $25 Buy Now »



Folding Travel Guitar | UncommonGoods

For the pop on the move—Get it? Pop?—this folding guitar makes anytime practice a reality.

Folding Travel Guitar – $198 Buy Now »



Beer Socks | UncommonGoods

Whether Dad’s favorite brew is a lager, stout, or IPA, we’ve got a set of cozy cotton socks just for him. Each pair even comes in a can-shaped tin!

Beer Socks – $13 Buy Now »



Free Toss Game | UncommonGoods

He may never be a basketball pro, but that doesn’t mean he can’t kick your booty at ring toss. It makes a great addition to his basement hangout, too.

Free Toss Game – $45 Buy Now »



Beer Lover's Moving Mosaic | UncommonGoods

What better way to liven up Dad’s office wall than with a moving mosaic made from upcycled beer cans? Each piece is unique and shines a light on creative design in unexpected places.

Beer Lover’s Moving Mosaic – $100 Buy Now »



Moving Card Holder Kit | UncommonGoods

If Dad’s on something of a DIY streak, this make-it-yourself kinetic card holder will pose a new challenge… and give him somewhere to stash all those business cards he’s got shoved inside a drawer.

Moving Card Holder Kit – $30 Buy Now »



Bourbon Soap Set | UncommonGoods

Made with real Kentucky bourbon, this set of three soothing, smoky soaps will ensure every shower brings out his inner cowboy.

Bourbon Soap – Set of 3 – $32 Buy Now »



Personalized Travel Tags Photo Art | UncommonGoods

Celebrate your favorite family vacations, from hiking trips to seaside getaways, with a custom-made print that features photos of you and yours (and, of course, his).

Personalized Travel Tags Photo Art: Color – $65-85 Buy Now »


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