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22 Fresh Holiday Gifts for 2018

October 19, 2018

When the holiday season starts creeping up on us, so does that nagging feeling that it’s time to get out the ol’ gift list. This year, spend more time drinking eggnog while streaming holiday classics and less time wondering, “Does [friend or family member] already have this?” If you pick up a gift from this list of our newest goods, you’re sure to steer clear of an accidental double-up.

1. Ethereal necklaces for amateur astrologers.

Like little skies, these pendants light up with the help of your loved one’s birthstone.

Birthstone Constellation Necklaces – $98 Buy Now »


2. A ducky that’s ready for the slopes… or the X Games.

Last year brought you a ducky on skis. This year? A ducky strapped into a snowboard. Ideal for your sporty pal with a soft side.

Downhill Ducky – $36 Buy Now »


3. Colorful puzzles inspired by geodes.

Like real agate, each of these mesmerizing puzzles is unique. Created using a special algorithm (yes, nerds, really), their intricate pieces are a welcome challenge.

Geode Puzzle – $65 Buy Now »


4. Super easy planters (for super fresh herbs).

The best home chefs know that fresh herbs are the secret to quality fare. These foolproof planters use passive hydroponics to grow parsley, cilantro, or basil—your choice.

Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter – $25 Buy Now »


5. Handmade mugs for the whole family.

For true coffee lovers—they hold about three cups—maker Jeana Greulach’s mugs are a favorite. Sold individually, they’re a blast to mix and match, too.

Open-Minded Family Mugs – $29.99-32.99 Buy Now »


6. Knives that celebrate famed mountain ranges.

These steel knives’ serrated edges replicate the ridges of three mountain ranges: Front Range, Teton Range, and Wasatch Range.

Mountain Range Knife – $70 Buy Now »


7. Lamps that feature five major cities’ skylines.

Let their favorite city’s skyline shine. These lamps highlight the landmarks and waterways of five major US metropolises.

City Skyline Lamp – $100 Buy Now »


8. A custom-crafted box that holds treasured rings.

Remind loved ones of a cherished place with this custom-made porcelain ring box. Finished with a map of the location you choose, it bears a reminder to “collect beautiful moments.”

Custom Map Porcelain Ring Box – $130 Buy Now »


9. Stemless glasses glitzed up with real geode slices.

Put the “shiny” in “shiny and new” with maker Karla Walz’s one-of-a-kind geode glasses.

Geode Stemless Wine Glasses – $24 Buy Now »


10. A playful—and handmade—bicycle rack.

Their preferred mode of transport deserves a sweet perch. Handcrafted in Oregon, this clever bike rack apes the look of a Texas Longhorn.

Longhorn Bicycle Rack – $74.99 Buy Now »


11. A new, woody way to sip on whiskey.

Lined with flavor-enhancing honey wax, this solid oak tumbler brings out the best in their favorite whiskey.

Whiskey-Enhancing Oak Honey Tumbler – $50 Buy Now »


12. Tins of spices hand-selected for perfect Hot Toddies.

These pretty tins contain reusable sachets and aromatics galore—just the thing for your friend with a taste for Hot Toddies.

Hot Toddy Kit – $38 Buy Now »


13. A scarf that’ll keep them juuust warm enough.

Everyone needs a scarf to cozy up in. Soft and dreamy, this one’s just the right weight for crisp days.

Autumn Feathers Scarf – $42 Buy Now »


14. A backpack? A tote bag? Psst… it’s both.

Made from organic cotton and vegan leather, this convertible carry-all looks good and holds plenty, too.

Convertible Tote & Backpack – $165 Buy Now »


15. A map for seasoned ballgame-goers.

Well-traveled baseball fans will love this hand-printed map of the country’s stadiums. It’s interactive: For each ballfield they visit, there’s a sticker to add that features the home team’s logo.

Baseball Stadium Screen Print Map – $55 Buy Now »


16. Laser-carved birch trees that let light shine through.

Capture the magic of a woodland sunrise with Peter Katz’s laser-cut birch lamp, handmade in Vermont.

Birch Tree Lamp – $89 Buy Now »


17. Guitar-shaped bookends, crafted by hand.

Musical and literary? Swoon. These bookends make an A+ pick for your renaissance friend.

Acoustic Guitar Bookends – $62 Buy Now »


18. A pincushion paired with a sweet stoneware sheep.

It might feel cruel to stick pins in something so cute, but trust us: Wooliam likes it.

Wooliam Pincushion – $40 Buy Now »


19. Adorable critters that keep glasses safe overnight.

Fuzzy friends that keep tabs on kiddo’s specs? Don’t mind if we do. (Good for adults, too…)

Bedside Eyeglass Buddies – $30 Buy Now »


20. Made-for-them artwork that toasts their hobbies.

Mom, Dad, brother, and sister: they’ve each got their own “thing,” no? Celebrate everyone’s chosen pastime with custom artwork created by Shelly Klein.

Personalized Family Hobby Art – $85.00-175.00 Buy Now »


21. Glasses that’ll tell ’em how you really feel.

This quartet of pint glasses bears an affectionate touch: four hands that spell “L-O-V-E” in American Sign Language.

Love Language Tumblers – Set of 4 – $40 Buy Now »


22. Bracelets to help them stay stylish… and mindful.

Satya Scainetti’s everyday bracelets provide a dose of color and enlightenment, too. Each comes with a mantra inspired by one of the seven chakras.

I Am Chakra Bracelets – $59 Buy Now »


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