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22 Awesome Gifts You Can Only Get at UncommonGoods

October 23, 2018

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. On top of juggling parties and trying to enjoy Christmas cookies responsibly, there’s an often-unspoken seasonal antagonist: gifting anxiety. The sinking fear that your recipient already has what you got them. Or worse, won’t want it ‘cus they’ve seen it everywhere and They’re. Just. Over. It. The good news is, there are plenty of “Where’d you find this?!” gifts still out there. In fact, they’re right here. Go ahead and consider us your secret weapon for battling gifting anxiety. (Whether or not you want to let your giftees in on the secret is totally up to you!)

1.  This pistachio dish has a built-in shell holder.

When someone seems to have everything, it’s hard to find something that they’ll really, really like. Fortunately, they’ll go nuts over this. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

“My husband loved this gift! It’s brilliantly designed, attractive, functional, and a must-have for every pistachio-loving human on the planet. It is so easy to clean & care for. I’ll be purchasing more as gifts, along with the delicious pistachios sold on this site. WELL DONE!!” —Mimi, TX

Pistachio Pedestal – $48 Buy Now »

2. Gemstone nightlights that know when to glow.

Made with real gemstones, these nightlights have sensors that tell them to light up when it gets dark and turn off when they’re not needed.

Gemstone Sensor Nightlights – $35 Buy Now »

3. Desk decor that celebrates all the women who’ve crushed it.

This pretty paperweight hold a piece of manually cracked glass, but it’s more than charming desk decor. It honors women smashing the glass ceiling.

“This paperweight sits on my wife’s desk in her Washington office, reminding her daily of the need for women to smash those glass ceilings.” —Bruce, Laurel, MD

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight – $48 Buy Now »


4. A bowl portioned for two-part snacks.

Because the snack-lover on your list needs to know how well Ooma pairs with umami. And sweet. And salty. And spicy…

Ooma Bowl – $28 Buy Now »

5. Mugs that show off a classic hot cocktail.

Attorney-turned-artist Alyson Thomas’ original artwork on these festive hot toddy mugs means that the formula for the fireside favorite is always at hand.

Hot Toddy Diagram Glassware – Set of 2 – $30 Buy Now »


6. A necklace that that gets “I love you” on the nose.

Sue Beatrice’s charming necklaces captures the way elephants hold trunks to show affection. Since you don’t have a trunk, showing affection by giving someone this design will have to do.

Love “Nose” Necklace – $96 Buy Now »


7. A collection of New York Times articles about civil rights.


This book contains moments in the history of black lives mattering.

New York Times – A History of Civil Rights – $50 Buy Now »


8. This cheese board knows crackers are equally important.

Aaaaand now you’ve found the perfect gift for a hostess with the mostest.

“Makes it easy to be creative in how you put out food. My mom doesn’t have a flair for this type of stuff and this tray made her feel really confident.” —Margie, NY

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board – $48 Buy Now »


9. A stoneware strainer that makes washing berries a breeze.

Handmade by Brian Kunkelman, this all-in-one design offers a built-in drip catcher and spout for easy clean up. (Consider it a gift cherry-picked for fruit-loving friends.)

Berry Buddy – $46 Buy Now »


10. This caddy keeps sewing essentials handy.

The stitch-master on your list will love this stoneware sewing station. It has room for their scissors, measuring tape, and more. There’s even a pin cushion in the top.

Sewing Station – $58 Buy Now »


11. A hidden sifter in this bowl keeps your popcorn kernel-free.

Rogue kernels are no match for this cleverly designed dish, meaning your giftee will have everything except a toothache next movie night.

Smartest purchase I’ve made in years. This bowl is used daily! It’s a clever gift idea for those who seem to have everything. It’s a really beautifully crafted bowl.” —Mary, Portland, OR

The Popcorn Bowl with Kernel Sifter – $75 Buy Now »


12. This sign points to family, even when they’re far from home.

This reminder of family near and far will add an extra bit of charm to anyone’s yard.

Personalized Family Member Signpost – $125-200 Buy Now »


13. A beer-centric board game.

Beer-drinking game lovers will get a kick out of this grown-up board game. Players take turns completing challenges, moving their bottle cap pieces, and (of course) drinking their brews.

“Saw beer come out of someone’s nose for the first time. Never laughed so hard in my whole life.” —Chip, Lex, KY

Beeropoly – $35 Buy Now »


14. A necklace that symbolizes embracing change.



The “stones” in this silver necklace are actually bits of sea glass. They started out jagged, but were tossed and tumbled in the sea. Now they’re smooth, shiny, and beautiful. Change is good!

Sea Glass Necklace – $84 Buy Now »


15. A personalized blanket that gives each family member a section.

Celebrate a special family with a piece sure to tug on some heartstrings.

Fabric of Our Family Building Blocks Blanket – $145 Buy Now »


16. Everything they need to make DIY Boba Tea.

Boba; bubbles; tapioca pearls—all terms for the chewy treats that slide up the rotund straws traditionally used to sip Taiwanese bubble tea. Now your giftee can make it at home with this kit comes with the tea, the bubbles, and even the straws!

“My daughter looooves bubble tea. She was thrilled to receive this as a gift. We do not have a bubble tea location near our home, so now she can have it whenever she likes.” —Lisa, Montvale, NJ

Bubble Tea Kit – $35 Buy Now »


17. A personalized tray “carved” with their initials.

Lovebirds’ initials in an actual tree? That’s been done. This custom serving tray is a fresh way to serve the sentiment.

Anniversary Serving Tray – $65 Buy Now »


18. A plate made for paying it forward.

This plate + the goodies you fill it with are just part of the gift. Part two? Your giftee gets to feel good about passing on kindness when they send treats to the plate’s next recipient.

Pass It On Plate – $50 Buy Now »


19. This keepsake maps charts your travels.

Artist Wendy Gold created this vintage-inspired map so each family member can pin where they’ve been.

Personalized Family Travel Pushpin World Map – $175 Buy Now »


20. Personalized ledges for displaying favorite photos.

Add names or initials to these wooden ledges and your giftee will be eager to show ’em off. (Oh yeah, along with their favorite photos.)

Personalized Tree of Love Photo Ledge – $60-75 Buy Now »


21. Sculptures to add a little Cretaceous creativity to their lawn or garden. 

These velociraptors look pretty fierce, but they’re harmless. (We promise!)

“This was a great gift. The pair of them go perfectly together and they are tactful and fun at the same time. That is hard to find in lawn decor!” —Danielle, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set – $180 Buy Now »


22. A coffee table book that celebrates LGBTQ history.

Love is love. This book celebrates it while sharing important moments in history, as told by the New York Times.

New York Times – A History of Gay Rights – $50 Buy Now »












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