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Make Your Own Mother’s Day Card
in 6 Easy Steps

May 2, 2018

Make Your Own Mother’s Day Card in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve outgrown your macaroni art years. Maybe you already picked up a great gift for mom, or maybe you’re still on the lookout for a the perfect Mother’s Day gift, but just because you aren’t sitting down to handcraft an epic gift masterpiece doesn’t mean you can’t give mom a little something handmade. Print off our free template and follow the simple instructions below for a DIY Mother’s Day card. After all, you’re never too old to whip up something she’ll be proud to hang on her fridge!

What You’ll Need


Our template (Just print this easy-to-follow template to get started. Click here to print: DIY Mother’s Day Card)
Pen or Pencil
Tape or glue (Optional)


Step 1

Cut out all the illustrated pieces on page 1 of the printed template, then set them aside.


Step 2

Carefully cut the outline of the card on page 2 of the printed template.


Step 3

Fold the card in thirds along the existing outline, and then fold the small tabs back so they are flat in the front.


Step 4

Cut a slit in the base of the mother kangaroo and slide that piece onto the middle of the card.


Step 5

Arrange the cutout flowers, bushes, and leaves how you’d like in the slots available in the card. (Optional: Add a little tape or glue to secure.) The baby kangaroo will be right at home in mama kangaroo’s pouch!


Step 6

Don’t forget to write your own special message for Mom in the blank space.


When you’re done

Give Mom the adorable Mother’s Day card you just made!

Print the template here! »• Shop our Mother’s Day gift guides •





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