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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Mom Smile

May 3, 2018

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Mom Smile | UncommonGoods

Waaait, you could have sworn Mother’s Day was the third Sunday in May, not the second! (Yep, it’s definitely the second Sunday: May 13.) So you’re in a bit of a time crunch? Good thing there’s a collection of thoughtful gifts Mom will love just a few scrolls and taps away. Phew.


1. Mum’s a green thumb? Meet her new BFF.

Clifford the Copper Eating Caterpillar | UncommonGoods

Clifford may be a pest, but he’s the best kind—he only nibbles on leaves of the copper variety.

Clifford the Copper Eating Caterpillar – $30 Buy Now »



2. A pretty pewter songbird-turned-teabag-rest.

Songbird Teabag Rest | UncommonGoods

No more just winging it at tea time.

Songbird Teabag Rest – $15 Buy Now »



3. A set of single-varietal honeys that are truly gourmet.

American Northeast Honey Set | UncommonGoods

It’d make a thoughtful pairing with the teabag rest above.

American Northeast Honey Set – $34 Buy Now »



4. A wine preserver that brings the party.

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper | UncommonGoods

These handblown glass stoppers are as useful as they are nice to look at.

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper – $24 Buy Now »



5. A tealight holder perfect for her meditation practice.

Yin Yang Tealight Holder | UncommonGoods

And for showing that she always helps keep you in balance.

Yin Yang Tealight Holder – $22 Buy Now »



6. An artful scarf that benefits not just her wardrobe, but charities as well.

Art of Giving Color Block Scarf | UncommonGoods

Designed by a young, talented girl named Hazel, the proceeds from each scarf sold goes toward charities and research for children with disabilities.

Art of Giving Color Block Scarf – $58 Buy Now »



7. A mug complete with a mindfulness-encouraging mineral.

Healing Stone Mugs | UncommonGoods

Choose from Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, or Citrine.

Healing Stone Mugs – $24 Buy Now »



8. A necklace with a message that’ll bring a tear to her eye.

Mother of the World Necklace | UncommonGoods

A sterling silver medallion, 22-karat gold-plated brass, and a simple yet powerful quote: “To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world.”

Mother of the World Necklace – $84 Buy Now »



9. Dice featuring go-to yoga moves—for when she wants to slow her roll.

Yoga Dice | UncommonGoods

Not a stretch to say she’ll be absolutely delighted with this gift.

Yoga Dice – $16.95 Buy Now »



10. A hand-carved sculpture that represents the unbreakable bonds of family.

Family Soapstone Sculptures | UncommonGoods

Each one is crafted from a single piece of soapstone by Shona artisans in Zimbabwe.

Family Soapstone Sculptures – $72 Buy Now »



11. A set of celestial bracelets she’ll love to layer up.

Earth and Beyond Set of 10 Bracelets | UncommonGoods

For the mom who’s known to rock an arm party (or who’s particularly science-minded).

Earth and Beyond Set of 10 Bracelets – $45 Buy Now »



12. Soothing goods that’ll keep her feeling refreshed.

Relaxation & Restoration Kit | UncommonGoods

Self-care at its finest.

Relaxation & Restoration Kit – $37 Buy Now »



13. A handmade mug featuring a mama and baby elephant.

Mother's Love Mug | UncommonGoods

Show Mom you’ll always follow her lead.

Mother’s Love Mug – $38 Buy Now »


There’s more where these came from—shop now »
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  • Reply Garhwal May 5, 2018 at 3:56 am

    Hi Emily,
    these are ultimate gifts for mother day, I personally like mug featuring mama and baby elephant.
    Thanks for sharing such great Ideas.

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