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April Birthday Gifts for Impossible-to-Shop-for Friends

April 1, 2018

We’ve all got that friend who seems to have everything, but for whom cop-out birthday gifts are simply not enough. Thankfully, “uncommon” is our middle name. Or our first name. Whatever. The point is, we’ve got plenty of stuff your tough-to-shop-for bestie will love. Just keep scrolling.

1. Porcelain planters shaped like prehistoric pals.

Porcelain Dinosaur Planters | UncommonGoods

Who doesn’t love a little dino? Whether your best pal’s a fan of T-Rex, long necks, or the three-horned triceratops, these planters—perfect for low-maintenance succulents—will be sure to please.

Porcelain Dinosaur Planters – $40 Buy Now »


2. A spigot that rocks (pun intended).

Stone Drink Dispenser | UncommonGoods

Are we entering dad joke territory? We don’t care. Just have ’em pop a bottle in the top and their booze presentation will be solid.

Stone Drink Dispenser – $153 Buy Now »


3. A petite superhero that holds up their favorite books.

Hero Bookend | UncommonGoods

Trust us, he’ll watch over their prized hardbacks.

Hero Bookend – $25 Buy Now »


4. Bloody Mary “branches” that take garnishes to the next level.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches | UncommonGoods

We’ve all seen those insane Bloody Marys that are a thing now—you know, the ones piled high with pickles and fried treats? Well, if your best bud’s a brunchmaster, they can make them themselves… with these.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches – $18 Buy Now »


5. Headphones they can swag-ify themselves.

Design Your Own Headphones | UncommonGoods

DIYers will jump at the chance to decorate their own pair of custom headphones, and this crafty kit makes it easy.

Design Your Own Headphones – $30 Buy Now »


6. Prints that keep foodies in the know year-round.

State by State Seasonal Food Guides | UncommonGoods

Ever wondered what foods are in season in your home state? Chances are your locavore friend has, and these ultra-specific prints will help ’em keep track when their brain power’s low.

State by State Seasonal Food Guides – $38-90 Buy Now »


7. A doormat to bring the ball game to them.

Home Plate Doormat | UncommonGoods

Run home and slide into a home run with this fun, welcoming doormat for baseball lovers.

Home Plate Doormat – $25 Buy Now »


8. Runners’ gloves with LED lights to keep things lit 24/7.

Runner's Light Slings | UncommonGoods

So your friend’s into fitness. Can’t buy them new running shoes? Relax: These lightweight, light-up gloves will add a new, illuminating dimension to their regular workout.

Runner’s Light Slings – $40 Buy Now »


9. A birthday puzzle for astrologers and gemologists alike.

Birthstone & Zodiac Double-Sided Puzzle | UncommonGoods

Why buy a puzzle with only one side when you can have one that sports two instead? They’re both birthday-related and everything!

Birthstone & Zodiac Double-Sided Puzzle – $16 Buy Now »


10. A white oak flight ideal for tasting whiskey.

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Tasting Flight | UncommonGoods

Made from recycled wine barrels, this sturdy flight holds three glasses just right for sipping on whiskey, bourbon, or scotch.

Reclaimed Barrel Whiskey Tasting Flight – $35 Buy Now »


11. A tea leaf reading kit for budding mystics.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit | UncommonGoods

Is your amigo constantly visiting psychics? Getting their aura photographed? Reading horoscopes? Give them a chance to tell their own future with a kit that comes complete with a history lesson.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit – $23 Buy Now »


12. An Old World take on a decidedly modern game.

Bards Dispense Profanity Game | UncommonGoods

Zounds! This Shakespearean iteration on a certain inhumane card game sure is something, and we guarantee proud nerds will love it.

Bard Dispense Profanity Game – $19.95 Buy Now »


13. A duo of glasses for more sophisticated drinking games.

Battle of the Beers Glass Set | UncommonGoods

Leave ping pong balls and red plastic cups to the young’uns. These made-to-last glasses won’t wind up crushed on their mom’s front yard.

Battle of the Beers Glass Set – $45 Buy Now »


14. Seemingly infinite peanuts.

Peanut Snack Bowl | UncommonGoods

Sure, they could put anything in this giant peanut snacking bowl. But we’d recommend more peanuts… you know, for visual effect.

Peanut Snack Bowl – $18 Buy Now »


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  • Reply Ryan Howard April 2, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    #10 looks great. Perhaps throw on a bottle of Macallan for good measure!

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