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Gift Lab: Braving Hot & Cold with Our Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls

May 1, 2018

UncommonGoods HR Assistant & Receptionist, Julia. (Hold tight, Julia! Don’t let that bowl get away!)


Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls


I recently moved… our first place—need to buy everything! I saw these Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls on the UncommonGoods website and thought they could be perfect for all my mixing, serving, and storing of leftover food while maintaining a color scheme I am happy with.


Based on the details of the Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls, these utensils will be convenient to use interchangeably for mixing sauces and pastes and for refrigerator/freezer storage. I expect, based on quality, no staining and peeling of outer coating.


The bowls were placed in various situations and then inspected for damages. These situations included but were not limited to…

  • Freezer temperature for one week with leguminous soup.

That’s a lotta frozen legumes, but hey—the bowl looks pretty good so far.

  • Flour-based paste (mixing aspect).

What a good-looking paste! And the sight of a sturdy bowl doesn’t hurt, either.

  • Out of the pan/pot, into the bowls—eggplant and potatoes and rice.

Even heat can’t take these little guys down!

The utensils are versatile, convenient for storage, and showed no signs of damage.


The Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls are a great addition to my kitchen. They can be used interchangeably in food preparation, serving, and storage. I would most certainly recommend this as a personal purchase or a gift item.


Prep, serve, and store at will with your own set of nesting bowls »

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