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Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Inspire Her To Try a New Hobby

April 26, 2018

Mother's Day Gifts That'll Inspire Her To Try A New Hobby | UncommonGoods

Science has proved it: hobbies make us happier, and you can never have too many. Mom has umpteen hobbies. One of these Mother’s Day gifts will bring her to umpteen-and-one.


1. A jar for making kimchi, sauerkraut, and even fermented salsa.

DIY Fermentation Crock | UncommonGoods

Foodie mom has never fermented? With this crock, she can “cook” vegetables with a 10,000 year-old technique.

DIY Fermentation Crock – $59 Buy Now »



2. A book for preserving memories of her new favorite events.

Ticket Stub Diary | UncommonGoods

Mom’s always loved baseball and the blues. Get her this, and some opera tix. Bravo! Soon her stubs will be half Italian.

Ticket Stub Diary – $12 Buy Now »



3. An insulated bottle that keeps water cold and the phone handy.

Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Sleeve | UncommonGoods

Mom wants to start lifting? With this handy bottle, she can swig H2O while she taps in her stats.

Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Sleeve – $13.98 Buy Now »



4. A kit to make three lovely, long-burning, lavender soy candles.

DIY Candle Making Kit | UncommonGoods

She tends to burn the candle at both ends, but she’s never made one. Here’s a gift to feed a new DIY flame.

DIY Candle Making Kit – $38 Buy Now »



5. A sound mixer that turns a phone into a portable party-making machine.

Pocket DJ Mixer | UncommonGoods

It’s never too late to achieve superstardom. With this mixer, MC Mom-a-rama can flow dope rhymes over her own sick beats.

Pocket DJ Mixer – $100 Buy Now »



6. Candles that conjure up classic books with evocative scents.

Literary Candles | UncommonGoods

Mom studied biochem, but always wanted to catch up with the English majors, book-wise. These candles, inspired by literary landmarks, will put her in the mood, bigtime.

Literary Candles – $16 Buy Now »



7. A journal with prompts for chronicling interstate sojourns.

50 States Traveled Journal | UncommonGoodsMom’s a devoted Europhile. Tempt her to take on the backroads of Anywhere, USA, and make a memento of her meandering.

50 States Traveled Journal – $30 Buy Now »



8. A boffo bucket list of cinema sensations to scratch off one by one.

100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster | UncommonGoods

She was busy watching you all those years, not masterpieces of world cinema. Now there’s time for a new obsession she can track with a scratch: gorging on the great films canon.

100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster – $15 Buy Now »



9. A pretty and practical stoneware home for sewing notions.

Sewing Station | UncommonGoods

This spool-shaped caddy will give her the itch to stitch.

Sewing Station – $58 Buy Now »



10. Close up, painted portraits of feathered friends’ faces.

Bird Art Portrait | UncommonGoods

Mom always said she’d take up birdwatching when she reached “a certain age.” Hanging out with these artistic tweeters is the first step.

Bird Art Portrait – $50 Buy Now »



11. A handmade stoneware palette for painting watercolor masterpieces.

Petal Palette | UncommonGoods

Mom’s got talent! At least, she hopes she does. When she takes up painting with Leslie Nieto’s stoneware palette, she can find out.

Petal Palette – $58 Buy Now »



12. A kit that makes almost easy to make Pinot Grigio as it is to drink it.

Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit | UncommonGoods

Mom knows so much about wine, she’s practically a sommelier (does that make her a so-mom-elier?). But she’s never made her own. Now she will.

Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit – $60 Buy Now »



13. A crème de la crème assortment of delicious heirloom produce seeds.

Heirloom Veggie Seed Kit | UncommonGoods

Mom’s a flower gardening whiz who aspires to try her hand at produce. Give her this kit and watch her smile sprout.

Heirloom Veggie Seed Kit – $23 Buy Now »



14. Everything she needs to start embroidering, in a handy tin box.

Embroidery Patch Kit | UncommonGoods

Mom can stitch up a storm. (Literally, she once needlepointed a blizzard scene from Little House on the Prairie.) With this, she’ll master another needle art.

Embroidery Patch Kit – $19.99 Buy Now »



15. Jewelry + tools = Tulry, a stylish necklace that’s also a set of useful tools.

Tulry Utility Necklace | UncommonGoods

Mom’s always been the little-black-dress-at-a-cocktail-party type. With this functional finery, she’ll find her inner handywoman.

Tulry Utility Necklace – $84-128 Buy Now »



16. A multitasking camp stove that burns twigs and leaves to cook food and charge phones.

Portable Camp Grill and Charger | UncommonGoods

Mom has fourteen pairs of heels—and one unused pair of hiking boots she’s been thinking about breaking in. Make her a happy camper with this state-of-the-art outdoor appliance that makes roughing it not so rough.

Portable Camp Grill and Charger – $99.95 Buy Now »


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