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Gift Lab: Braving Hot & Cold with Our Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls

May 1, 2018

UncommonGoods HR Assistant & Receptionist, Julia. (Hold tight, Julia! Don’t let that bowl get away!)


Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls


I recently moved… our first place—need to buy everything! I saw these Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls on the UncommonGoods website and thought they could be perfect for all my mixing, serving, and storing of leftover food while maintaining a color scheme I am happy with.


Based on the details of the Nesting Prep & Serve Bowls, these utensils will be convenient to use interchangeably for mixing sauces and pastes and for refrigerator/freezer storage. I expect, based on quality, no staining and peeling of outer coating.

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