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13 Tasty Gifts for the Dad
Who’s Got It All

May 30, 2018

13 Tasty Gifts for the Dad Who’s Got It All | UncommonGoods

So your dad’s impossible to shop for. So what? If one thing’s for sure, it’s that a guy’s gotta eat. For those who can’t imagine a Father’s Day gift that’s not a version of something Dad already has, let us present a selection of our most scrumptious, uncommon foodstuffs, from irresistibly tangy condiments to cocktail kits that’ll have him feeling like a real bartender. Check ’em all out below. (Sorry if we make you hungry, but some things can’t be helped.)


Beer Jelly | UncommonGoods

What’s better than a six pack? This set of four jellies that bring the flavors of Dad’s favorite brews to sandwiches, cheese plates, and more sounds A+ to us.

Beer Jelly – Set of 4 – $30 Buy Now »



Black Truffle Honeycomb | UncommonGoods

By now, Dad’s probably heard of hot honey. This black truffle honeycomb—made with hand-picked fungi—makes for an even more indulgent drizzle atop his favorite pizzas.

Black Truffle Honeycomb – $29 Buy Now »



Mediterranean Za'atar Condiment | UncommonGoods

Tangy, herbal, and deliciously nutty, this small-batch spread turns a classic Middle Eastern spice blend into a goes-on-everything condiment.

Mediterranean Za’atar Condiment – $20 Buy Now »



Flavors of America Nut Sampler | UncommonGoods

His ideal vacation? A good ol’ road trip. Help Pop take one using only his taste buds with a nut sampler that features BBQ-inspired flavors from across the southern US.

Flavors of America Nut Sampler – $35 Buy Now »



Olive Lover's Gift Box | UncommonGoods

This deluxe gift box celebrates Dad’s favorite bite-size treat in all its glory, from green olive tapenade to an olive wood spreader and serving tray.

Olive Lover’s Gift Box – $120 Buy Now »



Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit | UncommonGoods

There’s nothing old-fashioned about this Old Fashioned. With dried orange slices, chile spiced simple syrup, and chocolate bitters (yeah, you heard us right), Dad’ll be cranking out kicked-up cocktails before he knows it, no training required.

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit – $30 Buy Now »



Bring the Heat Sea Salt | UncommonGoods

These spicy, smoky, handcrafted sea salts will add a little “oomph” to whatever Dad chooses.

Bring the Heat Sea Salt – Set of 3 – $22 Buy Now »



Chili Granola | UncommonGoods

Does granola belong on a taco? If the hot, garlicky, slightly sweet flavor of this batch is any indication, yes—but we’ll let Dad be the final judge.

Chili Granola – $12 Buy Now »



West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit | UncommonGoods

This Father’s Day, help him put the “pa” in “IPA” with a DIY beer kit that’s made just for amateur brewers. (We’ll be here all week, folks.)

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit – $45 Buy Now »



Global Chili & Stew Seasoning Kit | UncommonGoods

Dad’s stews already pack the taste of home in every spoonful. This 15-tin seasoning set includes herbs and spices that flavor dishes ’round the world, so his one-pot dinners can take on a global dimension, too.

Global Chili & Stew Seasoning Kit – $38 Buy Now »



Peanut Butter Sampler | UncommonGoods

Regular PB is tasty and all, but with mix-ins like chocolate chips, snickerdoodle popcorn, and shredded coconut, this six-piece sampler will have Dad shunning the grocery store stuff forevermore.

Peanut Butter Sampler – $40 Buy Now »



Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit | UncommonGoods

He already puts hot sauce on pretty much everything. With his own proprietary blend crafted from a unique combo of cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili spice packs on hand, you can count on taking “pretty much” out of that sentence.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – $34.95 Buy Now »



World of Flavor Chocolate Bars | UncommonGoods

Is chocolate a cop out? We think not. These bars incorporates unique flavors like cardamom, coffee, and saffron (ooh), so they’re more than a step above the stuff at the corner store.

World of Flavor Chocolate Bars – $45 Buy Now »


Getting hungry? Browse our full selection of foodstuffs »
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  • Reply Lia June 18, 2018 at 7:31 am

    Dads give the greatest gift anyone can give—their unconditional support, love and belief in their children. They give all through the year, so dedicating one day a year in their honor is a wonderful way to express how much they mean to us.

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