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Father’s Day Gifts You Can Only Get at UncommonGoods

May 30, 2018

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Only Get at UncommonGoods

Your dad is one of a kind. From his funny stories (sure, you’ve heard ’em before, but you love hearing ’em again), to his funny jokes, to his ability to always know exactly when you need some fatherly advice, he’s a pretty special fella. We’re here to help you make your papa feel even more special on June 17 with a selection of unique Father’s Day gifts that you can only get at UncommonGoods.


Beer Diagram Glassware | UncommonGoods

Got a pops who loves his hops? This set of pint glasses celebrates the ingredients that make beer great with Alyson Thomas’ clever illustrated diagrams.

Beer Diagram Glassware – $25 Buy Now »



The Complete Absinthe Set | UncommonGoods

Maybe a touch of absinthe is Dad’s drink of choice? This set comes with everything that would have been included in a 19th-century absinthe service for one. (Except that enchanting green spirit. Throw in a bottle of his favorite brand and he’ll surely raise a glass to you on Father’s Day.)

The Complete Absinthe Set – $155 Buy Now »



Baseball Snack Server | UncommonGoods

Are Dad’s favorite pastimes baseball and snacking? This clever tray and dish combo makes it easy for him to nosh while he watches.

Baseball Snack Server – $65 Buy Now »



Musical Notes Mug | UncommonGoods

This handmade mug is a great way to remind your dad that you’ll always sing his praises.

Musical Notes Mug – $40 Buy Now »



Personalized Brewery Coaster Set | UncommonGoods

Maybe he makes his own beer or maybe the “brewery tour” stars and ends at the beer fridge in the garage. Either way, we think he’ll get a kick out of these personalized coasters.

Personalized Brewery Coaster Set – $65 Buy Now »



Pistachio Pedestal | UncommonGoods

When you were a kid, Dad was always telling you not to make a mess. Thanks to the clever tray beneath the Pistachio Pedestal’s elevated dish, you can help Dad follow his own advice.

Pistachio Pedestal – $48 Buy Now »



Upcycled Bike Tire Flask | UncommonGoods

Sometimes flasks get tossed aside because of minor imperfections like typos in the etching. Martha Bennington and Steve Connell take those typo-ed pieces, beautify them with recycled bicycle tire rubber, and create a handy design Dad will love.

Upcycled Bike Tire Flask – $29 Buy Now »



Bourbon Barrel Wind Chime | UncommonGoods

The copper chimes dangling from this lovely sounding bit of decor don’t exactly have fatherly role models, but they do get something cool to look up to: The hanger on this piece is made from a real oak bourbon barrel.

Bourbon Barrel Wind Chime – $110 Buy Now »



Couch Arm Table | UncommonGoods

Even if Dad doesn’t have room for a traditional end table, you can still give him a place to rest his glass, remote, and snacks. This solid cherry table will grip his sofa’s arm to create a storage place without taking up a lot of space.

Couch Arm Table – $150 Buy Now »



Footprints in the Mud Doormat | UncommonGoods

Tracking in mud was never his style. This mat lets him leave the dirt at the door.

Footprints in the Mud Doormat – $28 Buy Now »



Ode to Home State Pillow | UncommonGoods

Featuring illustrations by Sandra Dumais and poems by Martin Geller (the dad of one of our team members here at UncommonGoods!), these plush pillows show your papa you’re thinking about him, even when you’re not in the same state.

Ode to Home State Pillow – $90 Buy Now »



Around the World Spicy Nut Collection | UncommonGoods

Filled with five flavors (Caribbean jerk, coconut curry Thai, Mexican spiced cocoa, Moroccan harissa lime, and African piri piri), your pops will go nuts for this snack set. How much do you want to bet he’ll make that very good joke that we just put out there?

Around the World Spicy Nut Collection – $35 Buy Now »



Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce | UncommonGoods

If the only thing that stops your grillmaster dad from throwing another kabob on the BBQ is a break to grab a cold one, he’ll be thrilled with this set of three tasty sauces. Each is infused with a different beer: amber, IPA, and porter.

Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce – Set of 3 – $35 Buy Now »



Copper River Knife | UncommonGoods

This hand-forged knife features a beveled blade, an easy-grip handle, and a handy steel stand. It’s not flashy or high-tech, but it just might become Dad’s new favorite kitchen gadget.

Copper River Knife – $68 Buy Now »



Polished Chef's Supply Kit | UncommonGoods

If your dad knows his way around the kitchen, he knows that kitchen tools don’t just take care of themselves. This supply kit comes with coconut oil to keep cutting boards smooth and crack-free, seasoning for cast iron pans, and lotion for his most important kitchen tool: his hands.

Polished Chef’s Supply Kit – $38 Buy Now »



Anatomy of a Parent's Heart Screen Print | UncommonGoods

Your pop’s heart is full of love… and a bunch of other stuff. This print helps you show him you appreciate everything that’s in there.

Anatomy of a Parent’s Heart Screen Print – $40 Buy Now »



Literary Insults Chart | UncommonGoods

Dad taught you to be nice, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy a good zinger. Especially if it’s straight out of a good book. (Consider these literary insults educational!)

Literary Insults Chart – $25 Buy Now »



Reclaimed Wood Bike Silhouette Art | UncommonGoods

Father’s Day is about celebrating everything that makes Dad great. If his passion for cycling is one of those things, he’ll celebrate this art by Marco Facciola and Stephen Washer. It’s even made from salvaged wood and reclaimed bike chains and inner tubes.

Reclaimed Wood Bike Silhouette Art – $150 Buy Now »



Beeropoly | UncommonGoods

Remember when you were a kid and he let you win at board games? Now that you’re all grown up, he probably won’t throw the game for you, but we bet you’ll both still have fun.

Beeropoly – $35 Buy Now »



Public Radio - Single Station Tuner | UncommonGoods

Now you can tease him about how he’ll never let anyone touch his dial and give him a thoughtful gift.

Public Radio – Single Station Tuner – $45 Buy Now »


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