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10 Tech Gifts for Gadget Fanatics

November 25, 2017

Shopping for a techie can be tough, especially in a world where what’s new moves at lightning speed and self-driving cars are still, well, a wee bit expensive. Thankfully, UncommonGoods has your back this year. Of our many out-of-the-box gifts designed for the tech-inclined, we’ve selected ten of our favorites, from super-smart grow-it-yourself herb gardens to iPhone cases that defy the laws of physics. Maybe “UncommonGizmos” wouldn’t have been such a bad name after all? But I digress. Read on for more.


At-home agriculture may seem a little retro, but this (mostly) hands-off LED-powered garden brings it into the 21st century.

Smart Garden Grow Kit – $99.95 Buy Now »



The dirtiness of one’s cell phone is a near-inescapable fact of modern life. We say near-inescapable, of course, because of this handy germ zapper.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer – $49.99 Buy Now »



Carry 12 hours’ worth of light in your tote with this sturdy, compact solar-powered device.

SolarPuff Collapsible Light – $30 Buy Now »



This handy gadget helps regulate your breathing, making falling asleep—a tough task in a world full of screens—a breeze.

Moon Beam Sleep Aid – $60 Buy Now »



Who needs a classic analog clock when you can have one that straight-up spells the time out for you?

QlockTwo Classic – $1,490 Buy Now »



Marry nostalgia and cutting-edge tech with the aid of this Bluetooth® speaker crafted from a recycled LP.

Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker – $195-250 Buy Now »



Say “hi” and “love you” and everything in between from afar with the aid of our favorite Wi Fi-powered lamp.

Long Distance Touch Lamp – $75 each Buy Now »



A cell phone case that defies the most powerful force on Earth?! Now we’re talking.

Anti-Gravity Phone Case – $30 Buy Now »



These interlocking LED panels snap together to create exquisite works of light-up art.

Aurora Smart Lighting Panels – $200 Buy Now »



Pelvic floor exercises? Yes, ladies: There’s an app—and associated gizmo—for that.

Smart Pelvic Floor Trainer – $199 Buy Now »


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