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Gift Lab: Redefining “Happy Feet” with the Handmade Wooden Foot Massager

November 24, 2017

Julia Shaffie, UncommonGoods Receptionist & HR Assistant, tickles her fancy with our Handmade Wooden Foot Massager.


Handmade Wooden Foot Massager


I’ve always been interested in a lightweight, mobile foot massager. I can have it at work when I know I’m wearing shoes just for looks or I can have it at home after a full day of running around. I saw this product on the UncommonGoods website and thought “this looks workable.”

Business as usual.


From basic observation I could see the different striations on this instrument will provide not only relief to pressure points by a general method (e.g. two small balls in a dish) but doing so in a tailored manner. It should cater to the shape of the user’s feet taking into consideration that pressure points differ from person to person.

But… what’s that? A surreptitious massage?!


As soon as I got the foot massager, I tried it—at work! At first it was very ticklish. But as I kept moving my feet back and forth and applying a little more pressure, it was heavenly. These rollers attending to all the nerves on my foot bottom, the incisions and ridges provided instant relief. I use it as my 5-minutes escape when I need to unwind from a tough workload or task. I’m using it right now! The foot massager gained much attention from other team members and they expressed their willingness to try it after my feedback.

…and a peek behind the scenes!


This was a hit. It’s like having a little bit of the spa routine at work.

Snag your own cubicle-friendly massager here »

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