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Funny Gift Ideas for the Ha-Ha-Holidays

November 27, 2017

Sometimes, sentimentality simply has no place in holiday gift giving. Whether you’re shopping for a big-time goof or you’re the goof in the gifting equation, a present that elicits a laugh is often your best possible option. Agree? Good news: At UncommonGoods, giggles are part and parcel of our business, and we’ve got plenty of stuff to wear, hang, and eat that will induce snickers—we promise. Read on for our favorite funny gifts, from profane paperweights to necklaces that declare your undying love for p-i-z-z-a.

What better way to toast your pals’ ♥ for NY than with a cut-out of a massive gorilla laid over the Empire State Building? For this, you have Rich McCor—alias @paperboyo—to thank.

King of the Concrete Jungle – Unframed: $80 – Framed: $150 Buy Now »


Give the gift of two shot glasses, one each for the first and last shot of the night. (Whether the first or last is a bad idea, we leave to you to decide.)

Bad Idea/Good Idea Shot Glasses – Set of 2 – $20 Buy Now »


Celebrate some of life’s sweetest achievements—like putting on pants, or successfully avoiding conversation—with colorful ribbons designed expressly for grown-ups.

Adult Award Ribbons – $28 Buy Now »



This tempting pair of mismatched earrings is one expressive way to toast your buds’ lifeblood.

Coffee and Donut Earrings – $20 Buy Now »



Perfect for any one-time New Yorkers—or, perhaps, perceptive tourists—this clever ode to the five boroughs’ many varieties of trash takes a scientific stance.

Periodic Table of NYC Trash – $40 Buy Now »



Dog lovers with a healthy sense of humor will appreciate the everyday predicaments illustrated on these graphic tumblers. (We’re talking chewed-up shoes and stolen dinners.)

Bad Dog Best in Show Tumblers – Set of 4 – $35 Buy Now »



We all know at least one dedicated office worker who could use a simple, sculptural way to express the way they really feel, and this, we daresay, is it.

F Bomb Paperweight – $45 Buy Now »



Get it? Buzzed? They’re bugs drinking wine!

Buzzed Garden Sculptures – $30 each – Set of 3: $85 Buy Now »



For the pal whose one true love is flecked with bubbled cheese and garlic salt, this necklace is the only gift they’ll ever need.

A Pizza My Heart Necklace – $62 Buy Now »



There’s nothing quite like a classic fake-out, and with this bag of chocolate “coal,” they’re sure to spend at least a moment thinking their naughty ways have finally caught up to them.

Chocolate Christmas Coal – $17 Buy Now »


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