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11 Creative Combos to Craft
DIY Gift Baskets

November 20, 2017

We know it’s the little things that count, but sometimes you want to show someone you care big. Putting together a DIY gift basket is a great way to combine an assortment of cool little gifts with a whole lot of love. Creating that gift basket around someone’s hobby, favorite food, or most-loved mythical creature adds another level of personalized charm. We even included gift basket ideas for kids and teens, because we know they can be even harder to shop for than that unicorn lover on your list.


Taco Lover

Whether they have a soft spot for soft shells or prefer a crispy crunch, they’ll love these taco-themed goodies.

Tricerataco Holder – $12 | Salsa Grow Kit – $12 | Taco and Hot Pepper Stamp Kit – $12.00 | Trio of Travel-Sized Hot Sauces – $15.00 | Seedsheet Taco Kit – $35.00Taco Socks – $10.00


Cheese Fanatic

There’s an obvious joke here about getting them some cheesy gifts, but they’ll be too busy admiring this assemblage honoring their favorite food to even do an eye roll when you tell it.

Classic Cheeses of the World Towel -$14.00 | Portable Cheese Melt Utensil -$24.99 | Slate Cheese Board – $24-$29 | Printable Cheese Tasting Tags – Free Download



They’re crazy for cacao, so why not give them a combo packed with that rich, chocolaty goodness they crave?

Benevolent Brownies – $35 | Chocolate Lover Hot Chocolate Set -$40 | Decadent Chocolate Bar Quartet – $35 | Brazilian Chocolate Spread – $22 | Coffee Lover’s Chocolate Assortment – $40 | Chocolate Christmas Coal – $17.00


Coffee Guzzler

It will be hard to tell if your giftee is just really hopped up on caffeine or if they’re bouncing off the walls because they’re so excited about this brew-tiful collection.

Coffee Beans for a Better World -$20.00 | Coffee Towel – $14 | Portable Vietnamese Coffee -$15 | Pour Over & Cold Brew Coffee To-Go -$37



You could risk getting them the latest bestseller or something by their favorite author—but chances are, it’s already on their shelf. Play it safe with this homage to their favorite pastime instead of gambling on a paperback.

Novel Teas -$12.50 | Mini Library-Scented Tea Lights -$15.00 | Library Card & Stamp Pins – $18 | Banned Book Tote – $18 | Library Card Mug – $12



Sure, teens are hard to shop for… but bundle these bad boys together and you’ve got a gift basket that even the hardest-to-read teen will [heart emoji].

iPhone Charger Sticker Faces – $12.95 | Awkward Moments Card Game – $19 | Inspirational Pencil Set – $12 | Maki Socks-Salmon – $14 | Guide Bird Mug – $15



Create a gift box that helps kids think outside the box with this selection of toys and games that encourages kids to have fun while using their noggins.

Mini Parrot 3D Model Kit – $10 | Build Your Own Robot Kit – $15 | Kwizniac Trivia Game for Kids – $12 | Ion Glow-In-The-Dark Putty – $11


Unicorn Obsessed

Unicorns are having a serious moment, but the die hard unicorn fan on your list has likely loved majestic horned horses since way before it was cool. These magical gifts will let them show their true dedication.

Unicorn & Rainbow Mismatched Earrings – $20 | Mini Unicorn 3D Model Kit – $10 | Unicorn & Rainbow Stamp Kit – $12 | Elwood The Rainbow Unicorn – $38


Alcohol Aficionado

From beer to booze to wine, a true alcohol aficionado probably already has a fully loaded home bar and more than a few cocktail recipes up their sleeve. These gifts complement their drink menu.

Beer Opening Glass – $11.99 | Whiskey Wisdom Card Deck – $15.95 | Beer and Bourbon Nuts -$30 | Blackboard Coasters – $8.99


Binge Watcher

They’re always ready to tell you about the new must-stream show or the best movies for a marathon that fits any theme. Show them you appreciate their entertainment advice with a gift basket to make their next viewing session an even bigger success.

Organic Popcorn Kit -$20 | Microwave Popcorn Popper – $14.99Couch Bowl (Set of 2) – $35.00Flavor Infuser Water Bottle – $15 | Gummy Candy Gift Crate – $30


Tea Drinker

Relax, we’re confident that a basket full of these gifts will be your recipient’s cup of tea.

Kenyan Tea with Wooden Spoon – $12 | Tea Steeper – $9 | Guide Bird Mug – $15 | Tea Timer – $15.95





  • Reply Connie November 20, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    I love the idea of all the DIY gifts. They are so simple yet can be personable.

  • Reply Kate December 7, 2017 at 12:18 am

    These are awesome!

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