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16 Gifts Every College Student Needs

October 1, 2017

They may be specializing in philosophical theories or complex scientific methods. But when it comes to determining what’ll make them feel at home in their new land far away, they may draw a blank. Good thing you’re the expert on them. Pamper your scholar from afar, but in, you know, a totally chill way. Consider these presents the grownup equivalent of slipping a special note into their lunchbox. Each one shows you care and keep them close to your heart—even as they spread their wings and fly.


They may be too busy to water a plant. But that’s no reason to forgo the leafy warmth a little greenery can bring.

Let It Glow Lamp – $89 Buy Now »


Dorm rooms can be too small for a bedside table. No matter! A handy felt pocket keeps all the reading, writing, and charging materials they need close by.

Bedside Essentials Pocket – Standard: $20 – Large: $25 Buy Now »


Your college cutie may never want to admit they miss home. Don’t make them! Casually offer a soy-based candle that smells like where they grew up, and no one need be the wiser.

Homesick Candles – $30 Buy Now »


Let your brainiac share her wisdom with the world, or at least her roommate, with a retro light board that lets her make a real statement.

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox – $50 Buy Now »

Sure, they could go to a house party down the road. But if they have their own tiny beer pong set, they’ll stay in. They have fun, and you have worry-free nights. Win, win.

Mini Beer Pong – $80 Buy Now »


It’s microwave popcorn for the aesthete. Pour fresh kernels into the jar, add a pat or two of butter to the top if you choose, and press start for simple stove-top taste that’s student kitchen-proof.

Microwave Popcorn Popper – $14.99 Buy Now »




It’s time for a tea change. Lectures are better for a brew lover when they can steep their tea in an insulated tumbler that keeps it hot for up to six hours.

Insulated Tea Infusing Bottle – $29.99 Buy Now »


Good day, sunshine. This cell-phone-size wonder saves electricity by charging devices with the power of the sun. Just as good, it saves the day when you need a charge sans outlet.

Solar Powered Charger & Light – $69.99 Buy Now »


They may be far afield and all grown up. But they’ll feel like a kid again when they glance at a print of their home state comprised of the words that make it special.

State Typography Art – $40-130 Buy Now »


Here’s something they won’t find in the campus store. A specialized embroidered pillow lets them show off their school pride all four years — and beyond!

Embroidered College Pillows – $68 Buy Now »


To be or not to be the best holiday present, that is the question. Thou who hath read this poster hath the cleverest, most punctilious arsenal of names of all.

Shakespearean Insults Chart – $25-70 Buy Now »


There are good things on the horizon. Whether they’re studying architecture or art, your kiddo is sure to admire a sleek steel skyline of their hometown—or new favorite city.

City Skyline Silhouette – $42 Buy Now »


Six strings to paradise. A ceramic sculpture of an acoustic, electric or v-shaped axe will set the tune, er, tone of your music lover’s new pad.

Ceramic Guitar Wall Sculptures – $54 Buy Now »


Their praise will pour over! Give your sleep-deprived student a delicious boost with a mug’s worth of small-batch, portable brew.

Ready-to-Brew Drip Coffee – $19.95 Buy Now »


From an 8 a.m. pre-exam cram to a midnight snack, this two-pack set of sweet and savory granola keeps scholars sated around the clock.

Dawn to Dusk Granola – $24 Buy Now »


Joy, love, gratitude, patience, honesty, courage, generosity: Which of these little birdies sings the right morning message for your out-of-nester?

Guide Bird Mugs – $15 Buy Now »


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