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11 Unboring Pairs of Socks to Keep Your Toes Cool, Yet Toasty

October 1, 2017

Ah, the humble sock: a tool both useful and full of personality, designed to show off, say, your love of tacos or little doggies. Or, you know, your initials. Or maybe the title of a controversial, cool-kid book you really like. Whatever it is that you want your feet to broadcast, the possibilities, in today’s stylish landscape, are virtually endless, and our assortment features plenty of options both playful and serious. That’s why we created this sock-centric gift guide: to showcase the hottest tootsie trappers we have on offer, from sparkling, scaly wonders to stockings stitched in the style of an ice cream come. There’s something for everyone within… and that includes your little ones.

For anyone who’s ever consulted the ALA’s round-up of Banned & Challenged Classics in search of new titles for their to-read list, we daresay these may hold some appeal. | Banned Book Socks


Corgis, beagles, and Westies—oh my! With 17 discrete breeds to rep, these charmingly detailed socks have something for every pup lover with only two legs. | Choose Your Dog Breed Socks


Turn Taco Tuesday into Taco Toes-day. OK, we’ll see ourselves out. | Men’s Taco Socks


Teensy feet will look cooler than ever in these trompe l’oeil socks designed to emulate classic high tops. | Champ’s Socks – Set of 6


Remember The Rainbow Fish, with his sparkling scales? Now you, too, can steal the look of “the most beautiful fish in the world,” not to mention merpeople everywhere… or your feet can, at least. | Mermaid Women’s Socks


Whether your home base lies within the nation’s capital or a little further afield (think Sydney), now you can wear your pride on your feet. | Men’s and Women’s Favorite City Socks


Shroud your wee one’s tootsies in cute renditions of three classic culinary pairings: macaroni and cheese, PB&J, and milk and cookies. (Ugh, now we’re hungry.) | BFF (Best Foods Forever) Socks – Set of 3


Live every week like it’s… oh, you know. Just don’t get your feet bitten off. | Shark Socks


“Tasty” isn’t typically a word we’d use to describe somebody’s toes, but is anything sacred when woven ice cream looks so real? | Women’s Soft Serve Socks


Remember how your mom used to write your name on every single piece of clothing you took to summer camp to make sure nobody else ran off with it? These are a way cooler version of that. | Personalized Socks – Set of 5 Pairs


Nothing spoils a good pampering quite like smudged polish, and with these ingenious, cozy tubes, such debacles are easier than ever to avoid. | Pedicure Socks

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