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Solve for X-mas: Gifts for the Math Geek

November 30, 2017

Listen: Number crunching isn’t for everyone, but those who take to it tend to have a palpable passion, much like the author of this gift guide has for, you know, crunchy treats. If you’ve got a loud-and-proud math geek on your holiday shopping list, though, chances are you’d like to leverage that love and find them a mind-blowing, formula-friendly gift. Thankfully, here at UncommonGoods, we’ve got plenty of playful stuff for the calculator crowd, from neckties to specially decorated drinking glasses, and we’ve collected ten of our favorite specimens here for your reference. Read on for figs. 1-10.

Math geeks and wordplay lovers alike will get a chuckle out of these punny pastry plates.

i eight sum pi dish – $38 and plates – $35 Buy Now »



What time is it? With this clock, a layman may never know, but a well-trained math geek should be just fine.

Equation Geek Clock – $30 Buy Now »



Their new favorite branch of mathematics will be trigo-nom-nom-etry.

Pizza Cutting Protractor – $13.49 Buy Now »



OK, maybe having a brain isn’t math geek-specific. We stand by the utility of these bookends.

Left Brain, Right Brain Bookends – $68 Buy Now »



The recipe for an ideal drinking glass doesn’t have to be formulaic, but if you’re shopping for a math geek, it certainly helps.

Mathematical Glasses – $38 Buy Now »



“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” and the proof of these theorems is at the bottom of the bowl.

Proof is in the Pudding Bowls – $28.99 Buy Now »



Insider tip: It won’t hold a whole pie. It will, however, cradle the fruit of your choice in mathematical style.

Pi Basket – $118 Buy Now »


Chalkboards, paraboloids, sine and cosine—this mug comes complete with reminders of the things you miss most from your school days… if you’re a math geek, anyway.

Math Mug – $15.95 Buy Now »



Help a geeky host or hostess find the perfect angle for their next dinner party with this extremely precise cutting board.

Cheese Degrees Cutting Board – $19.99 Buy Now »



Finally, give your beloved geek a chance to wear their pride on their sleeve—or, more accurately, around their neck—with this formula-covered necktie.

Math Formulas Tie – $49 Buy Now »








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  • Reply Anros December 12, 2017 at 7:26 am

    I know this might not be what you were thinking but I felt obliged to respond.

    I’ll never forget what I got my middle school math teacher (whose name was Mr. Sicks, if you can believe the irony in that one). He tutored me and a few other kids for a semester, and he was so relentlessly giving, never expecting anything in return.

    I got him a “handkerchief” with his monogrammed initials sewn into one of the corners. He loved it so much, and always thanked me every single time he saw me. You could either do something like this with the initials, or you could monogram a set of numbers…or an equation that you might have gotten stuck on, that he helped you figure out. This was an older man, and this was also 20 years ago, so a “hankie” (lol) might be a little outdated…you could do the same with a tie or anything engrave-able. I think no matter what you get though, your friend will be grateful!

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