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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 28, 2016

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2016 | UncommonGoodsProcrastination is rarely rewarded, but guess what, undecided gift-buyers: you’re in luck. Our spectacular selection of last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas means you don’t have to suffer from eleventh-hour anxiety. Pounce on a great present now, and you’ll make the May 8 date with time to spare.

Gifts $25 and Under

Women's Soft Serve Socks | UncommonGoodsMom always stands up for her favorite food group. Now she can stand IN her favorite food group. | Women’s Soft Serve Socks | $10.00

Smoke Detector Deactivation Towel | UncommonGoods
A tongue-in-cheek towel for moms whose indoor grilling is sometimes a little too thrilling. | Smoke Detector Deactivation Towel | $15.00

DIY Botanical Embroidery Kit | UncommonGoods
Reward Mom’s kindness with crewel-ty. | DIY Botanical Embroidery Kit | $25.00Vodka Tonic Diagram Glasses | UncommonGoodsMaybe mom’s favorite drink is one with no frills. That doesn’t mean it should be served in a boring glass. | Vodka Tonic Diagram Glassware-Set of 2 |$25

Gifts $50 and Under

Light it Up Ceramic Match Striker | UncommonGoods

Mom requires fire to create her matchless cuisine. | Light it Up Ceramic Match Striker | $28.00

Falling Leaves Mug and Tea Infuser | UncommonGoods
Handmade pastel pottery brings beautiful serenity to Mom’s tea time. | Falling Leaves Mug and Tea Infuser | $28.00 – 34.00

Wooliam the Sheep Mug | UncommonGoods
A cute sheep cup for a mom who’s never followed the herd. | Wooliam the Sheep Mug | $38.00

Foodie Slippers Strawberry | UncommonGoods
These cozy slippers will be berry, berry good to Mom’s feet. | Foodie Slippers Strawberry | $38.00

Life By Definition Wine Glasses | UncommonGoods

The mom with a wide vocabulary and a love of wine might call herself an oenophile. She’ll call you a great gifter. | Life By Definition Wine Glasses | $38

Most Mothers are Instinctive Philosophers | UncommonGoods
What, you didn’t know “Because I said so!” is a philosophy? | Most Mothers are Instinctive Philosophers | $38.00 – 90.00

Mason Jar Coffee Grinder | UncommonGoods
With this hand-powered grinder, not even a Zombie apocalypse-induced blackout can get between Mom and her fresh-ground coffee. | Mason Jar Coffee Grinder | $39.99

Skipping Stones Tealight Holder | UncommonGoods
Earth, air, and fire, assembled with elemental elegance. | Skipping Stones Tealight Holder | $40.00

Silkscreened House Plaque Art | UncommonGoods
“Mothers are the gardeners of the human race.” –Anna A. Rogers, 1908. | Silkscreened House Plaque | $40.00

Rothko Scarf Placid Blue | UncommonGoods
A sky-edged adornment for she who is the sunshine of your days. | Ombre Rothko Scarf – Placid Blue | $45.00

Spa Tower | UncommonGoods
A tower of bliss for your pillar of strength. | Spa Tower | $48.00

Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Blocks | UncommonGoods
Put a spring in Mom’s step with natural salt blocks that can provide the benefits of a hot mineral spa. | Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Blocks | $48.00

Color Me Wonderful Necklace | UncommonGoods

The perfect match for a colorful personality, the Color Me Wonderful Necklace is made from actual colored pencils. | $48.00

Gemstone Heart Yarn Bowl | UncommonGoods

Gifts $100 and Under

Your mom will always have a special place in your heart. Her yarn can have a special place in this bowl. | Gemstone Heart Yarn Bowl | $54.00

Spa Blankie | UncommonGoods

Your mommy snuggled you up in your blankie and told you everything would be alright when you were a kid. Now you can comfort her with the help of something cozy. | Spa Blankie | $65.00

Vintage Camera Selfie Scarf | UncommonGoods

If she’s the one who’s always behind the lens snapping photos at every family function, she’ll be glad that you pictured her in this Vintage Camera Selfie Scarf. | $68.00

Knitting Needle Statement Necklace | UncommonGoods

There was a time when people thought of knitting as an old-fashioned hobby. These days, knitters are often hip, and even a little bit edgy–like this necklace and Mom. | Knitting Needle Statement Necklace | $72.00

Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection | UncommonGoods

We’re not entirely sure what Mother’s Day is supposed to smell like, but Mom will have fun finding the perfect scent for the occasion with this set. | Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection | $75.00

Teal Woven Netting Tote | UncommonGoods

The fashion-forward mama with a passion for eco-friendly accessories will love this Teal Woven Netting Tote. It’s handmade from construction netting instead of leather. | $83.00

XO Earrings | UncommonGoods

Pay her back for all the hugs and kisses she showered you with over the years. | XO Earrings | $84.00

Momma Bird Cuff Jewelry | UncommonGoods

Whether you fly solo or are planning a group gift with others in your family flock, this Momma Bird Cuff will make her heart sing. | $85.00 – 100.00

Wire sculpture Jewelry Tree | UncommonGoods

If jewelry’s been your go-to gift for mom since you graduated from finger paintings and Popsicle stick art, maybe it’s time to put a little twist on that. Give her a place to display all those treasures! | Wire Sculpture Jewelry Tree | $98.00

Duo Coffee and Tea Steeper | UncommonGoods

You could take mom out for coffee for Mother’s Day, or you could give her a way to make the perfect cup of coffee (or tea!) at home. | Duo Coffee and Tea Steeper | $99.95

Gifts Under $150

Copper Patina Ginkgo Wall Piece Art | UncommonGoods

Ginkgo trees are known for their unique, fan-shaped leaves. Show her you’re a fan of the things that make her unique with a beautiful Copper Patina Ginkgo Wall Piece | $145.00

Wish Upon A Star Diamond Necklace | UncommonGoods

Like a shining star, mom is bright, there to guide you, and you’ll always look up to her. | Wish Upon A Star Diamond Necklace | $148.00

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