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Dream Designs for the Home Decorator

November 28, 2016


They were into reclaimed wood before it was cool. They can cruise through the Craigslist “free” page and wind up with a charming vintage coffee table that would probably cost thousands brand new. Stepping foot into their not-trying-too-hard-yet-still-dripping-with-effortless-style apartment strikes visitors with envy. It’s hard having a dream home decorator for a friend, whether they do it for a living or it’s just the way they live. Don’t fret, though – we’ve put together a guide of some of our choicest home design finds so you can give them a gift worthy of their already carefully curated collection.

A glowing reminder that there’s no state like home. Decor-saavy friends will appreciate the authenticity of this neon art. | Neon State Art


They’re probably always rearranging their furniture. Now, they can change their message with a simple switch of letters. | DIY Cinema Lightbox


Cleverly designed and in excellent taste, this thoughtful tissuebox holder elevates what might otherwise seem mundane. | Graceful Ballerina Tissue Box Holder


Multifunctional and effortlessly modern, this display is an affordable gift that doesn’t look it a bit. | Gala Photo Display


Friends with a flair for home design will freak out over the inventiveness of this clock. Every five minutes, it reveals a phrase that tells the time. | QlockTwo Classic


Ginkgos represent love, hope, and longevity. Gift this sculpture as a gorgeous copper/sapele wood symbol of your friendship.| Sprouting Ginkgo Sculpture


Decor experts know that form and function go hand-in-hand. This stylish lamp that also grows plants fits the bill perfectly. | Ambienta Grow Lamp


They’ll adore this charming addition to their entryway, perfect for storing keys and stashing other little essentials. | Out the Door Tabletop Key Holder


The holes in this bowl make it the ultimate fruit-holding solution. Your home decor enthusiast will appreciate both this mesmerizing design, and their perfectly-ripe avocados. | Multi-Color Erosion Bowl


A stunning centerpiece that also folds up for easy storage – what more could a lover of home decor ask for? | Satellite Bowl


Expert decorators know that nature is the ultimate inspiration. These compliment-worthy coasters are made to resemble geode cross-sections. | Stoneware and Crackled Glass Coaster Set


Yes, they knew about reclaimed wood before it was cool – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still cool. | Reclaimed Wood Branch Table Runner


Stylish and functional ideas like these don’t grow on trees – your decor-saavy friend will appreciate this one-of-a-kind find. | Mug Tree


Easily adaptable to any number of design aesthetics, this minimalist bowl is equal parts effortless and modern. | White Earthenware Bowl with Stand


Full of character and accented with sturdy metal hardware, who wouldn’t want breakfast in bed served on this?  | Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray


These nested bowls reflect pure beauty, just like the lotus flower they’re modeled after. | Nesting Lotus Bowls


Tasteful decorators know to bring aspects of the outside in for natural charm. Walnut wood and copper bring this sweet scene to life. | Hummingbird Flower Wall Art


Unique layers of texture and warm hues separate this piece from your average art block. | Our Little Corner of the World Art Block


While this print is sophisticated in its monochrome patterns, it still evokes the good ol’ warm and fuzzy feelings of a snow day. | Let it Snow Print



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