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Gifts Picks to Make Any Sports Fan Cheer

November 25, 2016


Wherever you go, you’re likely to encounter some kind of sports enthusiast, whether it’s soccer groupies, football fans, or members of NASCAR nation. Yet, this varied demographic tends to be very misunderstood. When you’re only at the Superbowl party for the game time food, it’s easy to wave off the cheers and groans and think to yourself “calm down, it’s just a game!” But then you decide to tag along to your first live game and you start to understand the rush of being surrounded by 90,000 people in a stadium. As you witness the intense bond between fans and observe the deep rivalry between the teams, you realize that it’s not just a game, but a way of life. At the core, sports inspire dedicated players and amaze loyal fans alike. We know that the sports fan on your wish list lives for this adrenaline. We picked out a lineup of gifts that will remind him or her of that favorite pastime and feel that familiar rush all over again.

When it comes to chilling your cocktail, it’s always good to avoid icing. Simply freeze these recycled soapstone pucks and place them in your drink to chill it without an unwanted slap shot of water. | Hockey Puck Chillers


A great gift for anyone who can still hum their school’s fight song, these collegiate-colored stadium blueprints evoke their alma mater’s big wins. | College Football Stadium Blueprint


Combining the thrill of sitting courtside with the casual fun of a bar classic, this slam-dunk dartboard will hit the bull’s eye with any basketball buff. | Basketball Darts


This desktop oasis is a miniature tableau of a golf-lovers’ view of nature—a picturesque backdrop for a golf ball ready to tee off from a fairway of living reindeer moss and air plants. | Tee Time Terrarium


For those without a personal Zamboni—sections of battle-worn hockey sticks retired from their days winning face-offs and making countless shots on goal add a slap shot of history to these snow brushes. | Hockey Stick Snow Brush


Whether you’re going head-to-head at work or getting geared up for a night out on the town, these cufflinks provide a first down of gridiron style. Each NFL-licensed pair is made of seats salvaged from famous football stadiums. | Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks


Take me out to the drinking game…America’s Pastime meets a party classic in this spirited baseball-themed beer pong set. | Home Run Beer Pong


Tee up your favorite beverage in these tumblers featuring golf ball impressions in the base and four familiar kinds of clubs. The set makes a hole-in-one gift for anyone who enjoys a clubhouse cooler or a cold one while watching a TV tournament. | Set of Fore! Golf Glasses


Printed with diagrams of classic football plays, these glasses give shotgun, toss back, blitz, and draw new meaning as fun drinking terms. Football impressions in the base of each glass add an extra point of design delight. | Football Playbook Glasses

From the ice rink to ice cream, reclaimed hockey sticks are re-purposed as cool tools to face off with every fan’s favorite flavors. | Hockey Stick Ice Cream Scoop



Mug with a ... Collection | UncommonGoods

Slam dunk some mini marshmallows or go for that oyster cracker goal with these sport mugs. Made with the philosophy that “the world would be better if we could play with our food,” they make snack time its own kind of competition. | Mug with a … Collection

MLB Beanie | UncommonGoods
For the fan with Major League team spirit, this handcrafted beanie is knit from wool yarn from three continuous strands found inside MLB authenticated, game-used baseballs. | MLB Game-Used Baseball Beanie


Two classic weekend activities combine in this three-piece stainless steel BBQ set. | Golfers BBQ Set


Adorn your desktop with wise words from the Sultan of Swat, the King of Crash, the Colossus of Clout, the Great Bambino himself! |  Home Plate Paperweight 


Because it’s important to unwind with a favorite vintage after a full day of shredding the slopes. |  Snow Ski Wine Rack 


When your favorite golfer is longing for an afternoon on the green, this desktop game is the next best thing—no caddies required! | Desktop Golf


If the alley is more his style, don’t spare him this fun desktop diversion. | Desktop Bowling


Diagrams of demolished ballparks adorn this must-have accessory for any baseball fan. | Baseball Stadiums Tie


Whether it’s their first time at Fenway Park, or the championship tournament that they miraculously won tickets to, every sports fan has that one game they’ll never forget. | Ticket Stub Diary




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  • Reply Becca Holton September 12, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    The rush that you get at a live game, especially one where it’s a rivalry match, does have a rush. I feel like that description of that you provided is what happened to me. Although I’m probably still not the biggest sports fan, I think that most things work as long as it has the recipient’s favorite team on it.

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