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Last Minute Gifts That Don’t Feel Last Minute

December 16, 2015

Last Minute Gifts that Don't Feel Last Minute | UncommonGoods

The countdown to Christmas is on (like really, really on), and your holiday shopping is almost complete. If the emphasis is on almost and you’re still looking for one or two final presents, don’t worry. We have you covered with this list of last minute gifts so great it will seem like you’ve had them picked out for months!

Stoneware Growler | UncommonGoods

This handmade design makes a great gift on its own, but fill it with a local microbrew and the beer lover on your list will give you three “cheers.”| Stoneware Growler

Ceramic Whale | UncommonGoods

A little drink of water is delightful when it’s poured from a whimsical whale. Make a splash with the Ceramic Whale Pitcher.


Crimson Heart Umbrella | UncommonGoods
Rain, rain, go ahead and pour /Because this umbrella, they’ll adore | Crimson Heart Umbrella

Footmate System | UncommonGoods

The practical person on your list will love this foot-friendly shower accessory for the obvious reasons. (You’ll love that you got to sneak in a little pampering along with the “pro-hygiene” gift.) | Footmate System


Personality Desk Signs | UncommonGoods


Still looking for that Secret Santa exchange gift or the perfect funny-but-not-over-the-top present for the boss? Take this as a sign that you’ve found it.| Personality Desk Signs


Design Your Own Putty Kit | UncommonGoods

Kids will get a kick out of this DIY toy, and by kids we mean pretty much anyone at any age. | Design Your Own Putty Kit

Hot Toddy Diagram Glassware - Set of 2 | UncommonGoods


Wonder what’s in a hot toddy? Your giftee won’t, thanks to the Hot Toddy Diagram Glassware .


Venn Diagram Serving Platter | UncommonGoods

Whether they delight in data, marvel at math, or just admire a great snack presentation, they’ll love this divided dish.| Venn Diagram Serving Platter


My Grand Adventures - A DIY Journal | UncommonGoods

The little one in your life probably has a big imagination. Help them set out on grand adventures with this activity book.| My Grand Adventures – A DIY Journal

Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks | UncommonGoods

The world’s a puzzling place, for kids and adults alike. Help an inquisitive mind discover the wonders of the Earth and have fun while doing it.| Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks

Twist Decanter | UncommonGoods

It’s possible that the wine lover on your list isn’t the type to let a bottle breathe. (Really, who has time for that?) This clever decanter lets them aerate quickly, so they can get on with the wine enjoyment.| Twist Decanter

You've Been Naughty Popcorn Coal | UncommonGoods

This “coal” is the perfect last minute gift for almost anyone on your list, even if they’ve been nice all year! | You’ve Been Naughty Popcorn Coal


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