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This Just In: Cuddly Cold Weather Gear

September 30, 2011

It’s still warm here in Brooklyn, but it is almost October. We’re going to have to face the fact that it’s fall, and winter’s right around the corner.

With the frosty season on the way, parents out there are likely dreading having to bundle up their little ones in over-sized hats, itchy scarves, and probably-going-to-get-lost-anyway mittens. Fortunately, we have some great new winter wear for kids that’s comfy, cute, and so fun your little munchkins won’t want to leave it behind!

Designer Josh Title created his line while awaiting the birth of his first child, Levi (below). He realized that there weren’t a lot of options out there for parents looking for attractive, high-quality, sustainable merchandise for their children.

Determined to bring eco-friendly, yet intricately crafted, kids goods to the marketplace, Josh started developing stuffed animals made from reclaimed sweaters. After the success of those first toys, Josh expanded his line. Now he’s creating cozy repurposed sweater scarves, hats, and mittens that feel more like stuffed animals than winter wear, but still keep kids warm when the temperature drops.

He says it took “A lot of hard work and trial and error,” to develop his line. “I love making things and I also love running a small business. I started experimenting with turning sweaters into beautiful children’s items after having seen an amazing throw blanket made from reclaimed sweaters. I started with some stuffed animals and then the ‘juices’ started flowing. We have a list a mile long of new items but not enough time in the day to get to everything.”

Josh explains that winter accessories were a natural choice when he decided to move beyond toys. “Growing up in Canada, spending time outdoors has always been a priority, ” he says. “My imagination always goes back to nature and camping and 4 vivid Canadian seasons.”

To make the cuddly creations, Josh starts by selecting the materials. Since the fabric is repurposed, it is thoroughly washed. Washing also gives the material it’s felt quality. From there, the material is cut and sorted, so the right colors are used for bunnies, dogs, and frogs.

Since the products are handmade using wool sweaters sourced from donation stores around Toronto, each piece is one-of-a kind. You will love that these little animals are easy to keep track of among piles of scarves, hats, and mittens, and your kiddo will love snuggling up with the fuzzy characters!

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