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Outtakes from Our Winter Accessories Photo Shoot

November 13, 2013

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsA couple weeks before the temperatures started dropping, we held a photo shoot for our brand new winter accessories. Instead of bringing models in, we kept it in the family photographing our staff members adorned in these new styles. Senior Merchandising Coordinator Heather came out to help style the shoot.

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoods Rocky was a little confused as to how the mittens matched his t-shirt.

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsCassie was, well she was just Cassie.

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsMelissa pulled out some serious poses.

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsRachel let her hair down. Literally. We didn’t recognize her without her hair pulled back.

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsAnd Zack brought his A-game.

Winter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsWinter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoodsWinter Accessories Photo Shoot Outtakes | UncommonGoods

Do you have a hot look in one of our winter accessories? Be sure to tag @UncommonGoods in your Instagram shot so we can see!

Maker Stories

This Just In: Cuddly Cold Weather Gear

September 30, 2011

It’s still warm here in Brooklyn, but it is almost October. We’re going to have to face the fact that it’s fall, and winter’s right around the corner.

With the frosty season on the way, parents out there are likely dreading having to bundle up their little ones in over-sized hats, itchy scarves, and probably-going-to-get-lost-anyway mittens. Fortunately, we have some great new winter wear for kids that’s comfy, cute, and so fun your little munchkins won’t want to leave it behind!

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Gift Guides

Gift Lab: iMitt DIY Mitten Kit

December 10, 2010

Product Name: iMitt DIY Mitten Kit

Background Research:

I can knit in stockinette all day long, but can I actually knit a fitted mitten? I’m not just testing out this knit kit, but also testing my skills. The real challenge will be, can I finish these mittens in time for cold weather?


Using the iMitt DIY mitten kit, with everything I need included, I can teach myself to knit mittens before winter really kicks into gear.


I was a bit nervous when I laid out all the materials in front of me. Two balls of sage green yarn, a pair of circular needles, stitch markers, a yarn cutter and a daunting set of instructions. And these weren’t normal mittens; they had openings for my fingers so I could operate a smart phone in the cold. What had I gotten myself into? I’d just tweeted that I’d be finishing these mittens soon, so I had no choice but to get started.

Check out some of the work in progress photos.

Well it took a few tries, and the help of some friendly YouTube vloggers, but I did it!


The mittens were knit! And the weather reports are calling for snow. I finished just in time.

This kit did have about everything I needed. I grabbed a ruler to check my measurements and kept my laptop on so I could get a second opinion on some of the instructions. The pattern was pretty daunting for a self-taught knitter like myself. I consulted YouTube and frequently, restarted a few times, but it all came together. And the challenge was definitely worth it.

One thing I learned was that the woman’s small still ran too big for my tiny hands. I adjusted the pattern to start with 36 stitches and that worked much better. If you’re knitting for a child, or like me, you have ridiculously small hands, be sure to adjust the pattern before you get started.


When I first saw the shape of a mitten emerging from my needles, I knew I’d done it. And there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. I couldn’t recommend the iMitt DIY mitten kit enough to all your crafty friends.

The mittens are super cute, warm, and have a perfect sized opening for my thumb and pointer. Now I just need to get an iPhone!