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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Jeffrey Mayer

November 14, 2013
UncommonGoods Customer Service Team Lead Jeff Mayer
Jeffery Mayer, UncommonGoods Customer Service Team Lead

My hometown is…
Brooklyn, NY.

My best customer interaction so far was…  
Alone one Friday night, a call from a distraught customer: Her Red Sox Baseball Bat bottle opener package was missing. The gift was for a lifelong friend of hers, needed for Sunday night. I knew we had one in our showroom. I polished it up, went to the P.O. on Saturday, and mailed it to her to arrive for Sunday myself. She was so happy, and that made me happy!

I’m inspired by…
Doing the right thing.

My guilty pleasure is…  
Swimming in the ocean late into the season; I hate the cold, but push myself to go as far into November as I can take.

An uncommon fact about me…  
I can prolifically compose a song in minutes, just give me any one note to start.

My favorite place to hang out in NYC is…
Of course, Coney Island beach and boardwalk.

My style is…
Super casual.

Since working here I have learned…  
You can really enjoy coming to work. I’ve worked at many places in my life, and many times simply dreaded getting up to go to work. Knowing that there are such friendly people here, and how everything I do is appreciated is an awesome feeling.

Would you rather…  have dinner with Mozart (or any other more contemporary composer), or play the piano solo at Carnegie Hall?
Tough one. While I would love to pick the brain of a legendary composer, I would not pass up the chance to play solo at Carnegie Hall.

Gift Guides

Gift Lab: How to Get the Perfect Shave

August 27, 2013

Jeff | UncommonGoods Customer Service

I shave every other day, occasionally back to back days, and end up spending $40.00 to $50.00 using disposable blades such as Mach3 and Proglide. Usually after two shaves the blade does not give a close shave at all. I heard the Razor Pit Sharpener will solve this problem and save me lots of $$$$.
Razor Pit Razor Sharpener

I am curious to see if there truly is some way to extend the life of my disposables; everything I have heard and read about the Razor Pit Sharpener makes me hopeful this is the tool to use.
Sharpen your Razor


Pretty simple stuff here, you can use a squirt of shaving cream or soap to lather up the surface of the Pit. You then push your razor FORWARD–five or six times will do. I found that pushing it once, then rubbing the shaving cream around so it covers the entire surface again, then doing my second push and so on to the fifth or sixth push. Then I ran the blade under COLD water for a few seconds (cold contracts the metal, which is good. My own tip). Then you shave!!!
Jeff Shaving | UncommonGoods


No kidding, this is incredible! The four (very old, perhaps a few months) blades I tested on each gave me a shave that is just about the same as a brand new blade. I used it for two weeks, then shaved once more with a brand new blade. I found no difference between the Razor-Pitted blades and the brand new one. While I suppose that I will eventually have to buy new blades, I can certainly see my costs being at least half, so I will have paid for my pit within two months.