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razor pit sharpener


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Stay Sharp

Your face is the first thing others see and remember, so don't risk forever enshrining the nicks inflicted and patches of beard you missed this morning. Hone your first impression with this razor sharpener and cleaner. Use the RazorPit between each shave to eradicate the residue left behind by shaving cream, skin cells, and water that threatens to blemish your appearance. Using patented friction technology, the RazorPit also keeps your blade sharp, reducing the risk of facial massacre while saving you money on costly refill cartridges. Stop throwing away your time and money, while keeping sharp with the RazorPit. Made in Vietnam.

Razorpit's simple design is made of recycled TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomeric), which is a highly stable, inactive material with the properties of silicone and rubber. To clean the razor, the blade is simply glided across the surface of the Razorpit which removes the soap, skin, hair and all the other build-up that makes a razor feel dull.

Most men find that for the most comfortable shaving experience, the blade should be changed approximately once per week. With a typical five-blade cartridge costing $5, people will save $235 in the first year alone by using the Razorpit. For consumers, this means good value - and it also means that humans avoid filling landfills with millions of used blades and packaging.

Visit our blog to see how to get the perfect shave with the Razor Pit Sharpener!

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Made from
6" L x 1.25" W x 2.1" H
Rinse under water after use

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