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12 of Our Favorite
New Mother’s Day Gifts

April 16, 2019

Mother’s Day’s on the way, and you’re racking your brain for new and exciting gift ideas to express how infinitely special Mom is. Well, we’re here to help. Like, that’s our actual job. We’ve put together a select list of gifts that we didn’t have last Mother’s Day. Whether she’s into entertaining, birdwatching, or getting her feminism on, you can say, “Thanks for raising me!” with something she’ll love—we guarantee it.


1. Aromatherapy scents, diffused with style.

Hourglass Oil Diffuser | UncommonGoods

Mom loves candles, perfume, incense—anything that surrounds her with beautiful scent. This aptly-named diffuser fills a room with dreamy fragrance for hours (and lasts for about six months!).

Hourglass Oil Diffuser – $169 Buy Now »


2. A flower-shaped tray with petals for delicacies.

Bamboo Lotus Serving Board | UncommonGoods

Michael and Ania Shepler’s lotus-shaped bamboo server’s an enlightened choice for the mom who really knows how to make a soiree bloom.

Bamboo Lotus Serving Board – $48 Buy Now »


3. Sweetly sophisticated small-batch sauces for breakfast, drinks, dessert…

Wine-Infused Dessert Sauces | UncommonGoods

Fruit is so yum. Fresh or fermented, Mom’s a fan. Drizzled on after-dinner cheesecake or morning yogurt, these wine-infused fruit sauces will delight her. (Alcohol-free.)

Wine-Infused Dessert Sauces – $17 Buy Now »


4. Pretty pastel cubes that fill her shower with glorious natural scents.

12 Shower Steamers Set

Pamper mom with aromatherapy shower scents like lemongrass and lavender, boxed like a selection of sweets.

12 Shower Steamers Set – $44 Buy Now »


5. Mortar, pestle, and tortilla basket, all authentically Mexican (for 6,000 years!).

Molcajete with Tortilla Basket | UncommonGoods

Fast food Mexican for Mom? No way, José. With this traditional set, she’ll perfect her authentic salsas and guac and serve them up with nice, warm tortillas.

Molacajete wth Tortilla Basket – $55 Buy Now »


6. A collection of 20 meaningful, handmade charms.

Casey Benjamin designs powerful charms that tell the wearer’s story. Mom will be proud to wear a few chapters of hers.

Juju Charm Program – $55-223 Buy Now »


7. Handmade jewelry in a lunar mood.

Moon And Stars Earrings | UncommonGoods

Whether Mom’s got a touch of the mystic, or digs the sky scientifically, Emilie Shapiro’s handmade earrings will get her moonglow on.

Moon and Star Earrings- $176 Buy Now »


8. Cool desk decor with (possible) forecasting talent.

Weather Predicting Storm Cloud | UncommonGoods

Based on antique “storm glasses” whose liquid crystals’ shifting patterns are believed to predict the weather, this pretty cloud will fascinate your maternal meteorology nerd.

Weather Predicting Storm Cloud – $25 Buy Now »


9. Traditional black Chinese tea “packaged” in lovely lemon peels.

Lemon Peel Tea | UncommonGoods

Good tea brings Mom bliss. As Taras Absolfathi’s fine, black tea leaves steep, their flavor blends with the sweet, tangy goodness of their lemon peel “wrapper.” Mom’ll be a goner.

Lemon Peel Tea – $20 Buy Now »


10. Handmade, nature-themed house number signs, powered by the sun.

Personalized Solar-Lit House Sign | UncommonGoods

Mom’s warm welcomes instantly make guests feel at home. But first they’ve got to find her address. Metal artist Chris Crooks’ enchanting house signs guide the way.

Personalized Solar-Lit House Sign – $135 Buy Now »


11. A revolving tray that hosts mom’s favorite watery heaven.

Lake Topography Art Lazy Susan | UncommonGoods

Mom’s soirees always go swimmingly. With this tray featuring her most-loved waters, she’ll serve up memories along with her famous hors d’oeuvres.

Lake Art Lazy Susan – $170 Buy Now »



12. A throwback to the 90s made of way nicer fabric.

Upcycled Textiles Waist Pack | UncommonGoods

Covered in gorgeous, embroidered textiles, this fanny pack is hella next level compared to the one Mom rocked nonstop from 1992-5.

Upcycled Textiles Waist Pack- $36 Buy Now »


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