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Our Favorite Products This Week

April 4, 2018

Our Favorite Products This Week | UncommonGoods

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks—all just for you.

1. A set of bookends that’ll take you to the heart of the forest.

Majestic Forest Bookends | UncommonGoods

Meticulously detailed—Those trees? They have little leaves!—these pretty bookends will make you feel like you’re on a woodland hike, but without, you know, the exertion.

Majestic Forest Bookends – $65 Buy Now »


2. A doormat that brings the beach to you.

Footprints in the Sand Doormat | UncommonGoods

We won’t even ask—by now, we’re all over the winter. So ride out the final few months ’til summer with the aid of this festive, welcoming doormat.

Footprints in the Sand Doormat – $28 Buy Now »


3. Zip-up plushies that feed on youthful worries.

Worry Eating Plush Pals | UncommonGoods

Like worry dolls, these huggable pals are designed to keep childhood anxieties at bay. Just have kiddo write down what ails them, unzip their plushie’s mouth, and “feed” it, and lo and behold—instant relief. (We hope.)

Worry Eating Plush Pals – $23 Buy Now »


4. A set of stamps that toasts your fave felines.

Cats Stamp Kit | UncommonGoods

Put a bird on it? That’s so 2011. Put a cat (or two) on it instead.

Cats Stamp Kit – $12 Buy Now »


5. A planter that’s at home, whether hung up or sat on your sill.

Convertible Planter | UncommonGoods

Its design an ode to minimalism, this planter’s flexible metal bits make it easy to hang or rest on the surface of your choice, whether stick straight or at an angle.

Convertible Planter – $30 Buy Now »


6. A timer to help you brew the perfect cup of tea.

Perfect Cup Tea Timer | UncommonGoods

Whether you take your tea white, black, or green, over-steeping makes it taste… well, pretty bad. This trio of hourglasses—color-coded and bound together—takes the guesswork out of tea time, pun intended.

Perfect Cup Tea Timer – $16 Buy Now »


7. A peanut butter sampler set that’ll leave you pining for more.

Peanut Butter Sampler | UncommonGoods

For the true PB fan, there’s no such thing as “too much.” This indulgent six-piece set comes with tasty mix-ins like snickerdoodle popcorn, toffee, and almonds.

Peanut Butter Sampler – $40 Buy Now »


8. A lamp that doubles as a speaker (and a cloud).

It’s a cloud. It’s a lamp. It’s a… Bluetooth® speaker? Hey, would we lie to you?

Tiny Cloud Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker – $580 Buy Now »


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