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Gifts for Impossible-to-Shop-for Guys

October 30, 2018

Stop us if this guy sounds familiar: He already has everything he needs (and a lot of things he doesn’t). He owns every book ever written on his favorite subject and definitely doesn’t need another sweater. You feel like it’s impossible to surprise him with anything short of a monogrammed hovercraft. He is… Mr. Impossible-to-Shop-for. Never fear—read on for some of our most uncommon offering to tackle your trickiest guy-gifting conundrums.

1. A UV box that zaps lurking germs.

The ultraviolet light inside the chamber quickly kills off bacteria that collect on phones.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer – $59.95 Buy Now »


2. A commemorative coin that strums their strings.

Pair your choice of state quarter with a quarter minted during a special year, and Dustin & Stephanie Headrick will make a pair of custom picks.

Custom Repurposed Quarter Guitar Picks – $30 Buy Now »


3. A pickpocket-foiling commuter pack.

Slash-proof fabrics and hidden zippers and pockets keep thieving hands away from valuables.

Anti-Theft Backback – $94.95 Buy Now »


4. Arabica infused with American whiskey.

Speaking of theft, these 100% Arabica beans steal irresistible flavor and aroma from the Kentucky whiskey they’re infused with.

Bourbon Infused Coffee – $20 Buy Now »


5. Pint glasses telling of legendary deeds on the diamond.

From the lowest ERA (Dutch Leonard) to the longest hitting streak (Joe DiMaggio), the stats on these tumblers are impossible to top.

Record-Breaking Baseball Glasses – $42 Buy Now »


6. Socks with woven-in words of your choosing.

These Supima™ cotton socks are custom knit with any phrase of your choosing so you can give your favorite guy comfort that’s personal.

Personalized Socks – $50 Buy Now »


7. A tray for nuts that keeps shells stashed.

If pistachios are their snack time passion, this solid maple design will stash the shells.

Pistachio Pedestal – $48 Buy Now »


8. A pen that’s pals with half the toolbox.

The streamlined writing implement (tool #1) includes four more: screwdriver, capacitive touch stylus for smart devices, integrated bubble level, and ruler.

5-in-1 Tool Pen – $25 Buy Now »


9. Lights that help runners see and be seen.

Light their way to a safe night run with these clip-on shoe lamps.

Night Runner Headlights – $60 Buy Now »


10. Salves, scrubs, and balms for dudes who clean up well.

Like a lot of guys, his personal grooming goods may be best described as “utilitarian.” Here’s your opportunity to help spruce him up with this manly collection of salves, scrubs, and balms in no-nonsense packaging that fits his Spartan style.

Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit – $58 Buy Now »


11. A travel aid that keeps business clothes looking sharp.

This folding gadget lets guys on the go pack a suit into any size travel bag and keep it wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

Compact Suit Folder – $25 Buy Now »


12. Vinyl inspired glasses that give drinking a new spin.

Printed in classic LP record colors, these glasses have bases designed to create movement, making for some fun between sips.

Rocking Record Glasses – $50 Buy Now »


13. A light that mod magnets turn on and off.

Li Zanwen’s ingenious lamp is powered on and off by the attractive force of little round magnets.

Wood Magnetic Balance Lamp – $85 Buy Now »


14. Sporty orbs that keep your home bar game ice-cold.

Baseball fans will love pitching winning drinks with these miniature glass baseball chillers that bring spirits to the ideal temperature without diluting them.

Baseball Whiskey Chillers – $24.50 Buy Now »


15. A bike chain clock with a phat tire tread.

Graham Bergh’s bamboo and recycled bike chain desk clock is a playful reminder that cycling time is nigh.

Time to Ride Desk Clock – $34 Buy Now »


16. Fasteners that unscrew to hold tiny notes in hidden chambers.

Help him gear up undercover agent style with these cufflinks that have a hidden message inside.

Secret Messaging Cufflinks – $50 Buy Now »


17. An old favorite gone bigger, better, and brew-friendly.

Ryan and Kim McDaniel doctored an old favorite board game to make room for beer.

Sink or Shoot Party Game – $200 Buy Now »


The Impossible is possible — shop more gifts here »




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