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22 Fresh Holiday Gifts for 2017

October 3, 2017

When the holiday season first rolls ’round, so, too, does the requisite holiday anxiety. “What on earth,” you may ask, “should I get everyone?” We all know not to nab something they already have, but sometimes, that can seem like a tall order. Luckily, with our help, we think you’ll find something that fits the bill. That’s because our first gift guide of the season, featuring only the freshest picks from our assortment, makes it easier than ever to steer clear of stuff you’re worried they’ve already got. Behold: a whopping 22 gifts new to UncommonGoods this year.


This petite suite of snow globes toasts all four seasons in sweet, colorful style.

Four Seasons Mini Snow Globes – $52 Buy Now »



Pay tribute to your tea-drinking loved ones with this mug collection featuring Sandra Dumais’s sweet illustrations of the contents of their hearts.

Anatomy of a Heart Collection Mugs – $18 Buy Now »



Shopping for someone who seems to have everything? This dish—designed expressly for sofa-bound snacking—may just save the day.

Couch Bowl Set $35Buy Now »


Whether for the gardener, the entertainer, or the aesthete, this colorful centerpiece will brighten any table (and elicit a few smiles, too).

Glass Flower Garden Centerpiece – $200-400 Buy Now »



Liven up your cohorts’ living rooms with this duo of rainbow pillows featuring butterflies, flowers, and jelly beans.

Rainbow Pillows – Heart: $45 – Square: $48 Buy Now »



What if we told you the author of this gift guide was eating one of these as we speak, and that it was blowing her mind? You wouldn’t believe us? Your loss: These brownies are good.

Benevolent Brownies – $35 Buy Now »



Low-tech by design, this single station radio comes programmed to the station of your choice, whether that means a constant stream of Top 40 or 24/7 talk radio.

Public Radio – Single Station Tuner – $45 Buy Now »


Neither sand, nor snow, nor body of water shall stop you imbibing your drink of choice! Not when you’ve got these glasses on hand, anyway.

Outdoor Wine Glasses Set – $19.99 Buy Now »


Perfect for the playful traveler, these exclusive photographs—shot by Rich McCor, also known as @paperboyo—celebrate some of the world’s greatest cities with intricate handmade papercuts.

Photographs by Rich McCor – $80-150 Buy Now »



Who doesn’t harbor a bit of state pride? For the friend with an “NJ ALL DAY” T-shirt and a penchant for proffering cheese, one of these serving boards may do the trick.

USA and State Serving Boards – $48 Buy Now »



Upgrade your amigos’ fire-lighting game with this petite match striker made from a real live beach stone.

Beach Stone Match Striker – $24.95 Buy Now »



For the friend cursed with a love of fresh herbs and a lack of talent with which to grow them, this hyper-intelligent, hands-off growing vessel may be what they need to at last live in peace… and without shriveled leaves of basil everywhere.

Smart Garden Grow Kit – $99.95 Buy Now »



Handmade in San Francisco, these fun size ceramic guitars come ready to hang—and, you know, to rock.

Ceramic Guitar Wall Sculptures – $54 Buy Now »



For anyone tempted to attend next year’s Meet the Breeds (or with their very own subscription to Cat Fancy), one of our many totes, pillows, or mugs toasting cats and dogs in poetic style is sure to please.

Pedigree Poem & Cat Composition Totes, Mugs, & Pillows – $45-90 Buy Now »



…and for those with eyes only for avian types, these charming portraits pack a whole lot of personality onto 6 x 6″ panels.

Bird Art Portraits – $50 Buy Now »



Made from handcrafted acrylic (and plopped, like the real thing, in homey clay pots), these Insta-ready light-up plants will never dry up or droop.

Let It Glow Lamp – $89 Buy Now »


This elegant moonstone necklace not only looks good, but gives back—to the tune of one whole fiver. Each of those bucks goes straight to RAINN, our Better to Give partner of seven years.

Hope Shines Necklace – $85 Buy Now »



What better way to celebrate the empowered ladies in your life than with the gift of a literal shattered glass ceiling? Now available in paperweight form, you may have seen it as a necklace, too.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight – $48 Buy Now »


Handmade in San Diego, California, this heartfelt pendant mixes metals and says “I love you,” whether to Mom, friend, or fiancée, with seamless grace.

Heart to Heart Necklace – $75 Buy Now »


If you’re looking to pamper, your search ends here: With subtly fragranced foot cream and super soft socks for overnight wear and optimal comfort, you can give the gift of a spa day in a single box.

Overnight Foot Care Kit – $18 Buy Now »



For those who truly defy categorization, only one mythical emblem will do: the awesome unicorn, immortalized here in a gold vermeil finish.

Unicorn Cuff – $39 Buy Now »



If biking’s your bestie’s brand new thing, this fun, yet functional handlebar bag will allot them extra space for those goodies they’d otherwise sling over their long-suffering shoulders.

Bike Handlebar Bag – $45 Buy Now »








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