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March 21, 2017

Intersection of Love Wedding Stationery - UncommonGoods

We know planning a wedding can feel both sweet and stressful, but we’re here to help you put the focus on the former. The invitations you choose are like a little preview of the big day, so finding just the right style, colors, design, etc., can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our collaboration with the absolute wedding invitation experts: Crane Stationery.

As a result of joining forces with Crane, our product development team has made five complete wedding suites available to our customers, each with a distinct aesthetic and production details that make them extra special. Follow along on the blog as we introduce you to each of these suites, and find the design that’s a perfect match for your own uncommon nuptials.

Wedding Stationery Metallic Gold - UncommonGoods

Last week we gave you an inside look at our Wedding Crest Stationery. This week, we’re excited to show off our Intersection of Love Wedding Stationery.  It features a modern, versatile design that represents how happy you are to have crossed paths with your partner.

The inspiration for this suite came from earlier Intersection of Love products by Patricia Carlin, including photo prints and an actual, physical signpost. The Intersection of Love prints and posts were often used at weddings and given as wedding or anniversary gifts, so Senior Product Developer Tiffany Jyang and the rest of the Product Development team felt it would be a natural step to use the art in a new wedding stationery suite.

An inside look at early color samples, courtesy of our PD team

Intersection of Love tells a couple’s story in a unique, unexpected way,” Tiffany told us. “It celebrates the moment a couple met and when they joined paths, which ties perfectly to a wedding. The original art is striking and iconic, but is universal enough to resonate with all kinds of couples and wedding styles.”

A peek at one of Crane’s presses

The suite also has a whole host of special design features that help it to stand out: “The dimensionality of the signpost in the invitation makes it pop (literally) – this is done through a technique called “blind embossing,” and that technique really brings the art to life,” Tiffany told us. Our product development team also decided to print this suite on metallic paper (since metallics are having a major moment when it comes to wedding trends) and went through several tests to make sure they got the gold tone just right.

The copper bump plate used to create the Intersection of Love suite, courtesy of Crane

Best of all, the Intersection of Love stationery is a unifying, versatile design. When asked what kind of couple/wedding Tiffany envisioned matching up with this suite, she said, “The color options (champagne/gold or silver/blush) are wedding “neutrals.” Paired with the universally relatable art, this wedding suite could fit a lot of styles – classic, modern/contemporary, urban, industrial… It’s for a couple who wants something that feels timeless but makes a statement. (It would also work very well at a wedding that had an actual Intersection of Love street sign!)”

Can’t get enough wedding inspo? We’ve got you covered. Check out our customized Pinterest board for more ideas that fit with the Intersection of Love suite’s style.

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