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Storytelling with 826 National:
Meet the Garcia Family

November 27, 2017

*Editor’s note: Here at UncommonGoods, we’re counting down to Giving Tuesday—an annual day of giving back observed on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—by sharing stories from our Better to Give partners. Up this week, with our final story: our newest partner, 826 National, introduced in July of this year. Today, we’re proud to share a video that highlights the story of the Garcia family, whose children have flourished with help from 826LA.

Meet Katherine Garcia, her brother, and her mom, Juvenita Martinez, residents of the Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles. In the above video, created by 826 National, Katherine tells us about her ambitions to write—and Juvenita shares how 826LA’s unique programs have helped her children excel in school and among their peers.

“If I keep helping her by [sending] her here, I feel she can do it. I feel she [is] going to get everything she wants to get,” says Juvenita. “Sometimes it’s so, so hard to be parents, because you don’t have … [the] chance to help your kids. They take their time to talk to you about the kids.”

“They never tell me, ‘I don’t want to go,’” says Juvenita. “I feel so glad to find this program. … I only want to say thank you to everybody who works here.”

Learn more about 826 National and their work with kids ages 6-18 »


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