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This Just In-spiration: Meet Karin and Jason Hirsch

January 18, 2016

Karin and Jason Hirsch | UncommonGoods
Our makers never fail to motivate us, encourage our creativity, and fill us with inspiration. So, when a new design enters our assortment, we’re always excited to learn more about the people behind the product.

What gets an artist going and keeps them creating is certainly worth sharing, and every great connection starts with a simple introduction. Meet Karin and Jason Hirsch, the artists behind our new Chakra Candles – Set of 7.

Chakra Candles - Set of 7 | UncommonGoods

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

We both were always into arts since childhood. Drawing and painting, crafting, pottery or making music are some of our favorites. We always perceived our artistic endeavors as a way of nurturing the creative potential inside and experience what it brings forth in our daily life. Creativity is our life force and however it desires to manifest itself we embrace it. We consider ourselves artists by nature.

What was the most exciting thing about becoming a professional artist?

Definitely expressing what’s dormant inside and coming to know ourselves in so many different ways. We never had the professional aspect in mind when creating art or products, it just came along naturally with enjoying what we were doing.

Chakra Candles - Set of 7 | UncommonGoods

What does your typical day in the studio look like?

A typical day would start with coffee or tea, music, and a challenging schedule. We love to dive into the work and prove to ourselves we can do it. This goes for our passion for our company as well as for our individual work. We enjoy very much working together.

Is there a trinket, talisman, or other inspirational object you keep near? If so, what is it and what does it mean to you?

We are actually always surrounded by inspirational objects. There is not one particular one that stands out, it is the feng shui environment that lets the creativity emerge and flow. Elemental balance, harmony and good energy is the most important aspect in our home and from there all things fall in place. There are of course our deer in the backyard that gave inspiration to our company and logo. (“Deer” in German is “Hirsch”!) We are very grateful to have them.

Chakra Candles - Set of 7 | UncommonGoods

Imagine you just showed your work to a kindergartener for the first time. What do you think they would say?

I think they would love the colors as they are very primary and speak to the inner child. Maybe seeing the product would want them to draw a picture with beautiful colors.

Chakra Candles | UncommonGoods

What quote or mantra keeps you motivated?

“The creation within will guide the creativity without. Listen and trust your inner voice.”


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