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Perfect Presents for the Party Planner

November 1, 2016


Picking the perfect present for a proud party planner isn’t always, well, a party. They have the food, music, and games covered. Yes,they already have everything their guests need to have a great night down, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love to get one of these special gifts to help them create a fresh presentation for appetizers or add a little extra flair to their tablescapes.

Gather Bud Vases | UncommonGoods

Chances are your party planner likes to mix things up when it comes to center pieces. These pretty vases make it easy to show off beautiful blooms of every variety. | Gather Bud Vases


Sea Swirl Candle Dome | UncommonGoods

This captivating candle holder makes a great conversation piece, so guests are sure to comment on its hand-blown beauty. | Sea Swirl Candle Dome


Party Sprinkles | UncommonGoods

Jimmies, sugar wafers, nonpareils, and more mingle in this tin of tasty Party Sprinkles.


Charmingly Delicious Caramel Trio | UncommonGoods

These sweet morsels make great gifts for hosts and hostesses. So great, in fact, that we can’t guarantee the guests will ever get any. | Charmingly Delicious Caramel Trio


Pistachio Pedestal | UncommonGoods

The holiday party season can get pretty nuts. The Pistachio Pedestal is perfect for the party planner who wants their snack display to stand out among the many soirees.


Mirage Votive Holders | UncommonGoods

Ambiance has never been so easy, thanks to these hand-blown, recycled glass Mirage Votive Holders.


Blackboard Placemats | Blackboard Coasters | UncommonGoods

These Blackboard Placemats encourage dinner party doodles, but they’ll also come in handy as place cards or menus. Pair them with Blackboard Coasters and help your host make sure guests’ mixed drinks don’t get mixed up.


Wooden Cheese Picks | UncommonGoods

Some guests think bleu’s the best, others swoon for Swiss. This set of  Wooden Cheese Picks helps your hostess present cheese that’s ready to please.


Top the Toast Card Game | UncommonGoods

If your favorite party planner enjoys including games in the entertainment for the evening, they’ll love this one. Top That Toast Card Game combines conversation and a little friendly competition for tons of fun.


Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil | UncommonGoods

Bringing the “dip” is easy when you have olive oil this delicious. | Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Crackling Candles | UncommonGoods

Because a fireplace won’t fit in the center of the table. | Crackling Candles


Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish | UncommonGoods

This delightful dish makes a GRATE gift. | Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish


Cheese Complementing Honey Flight | UncommonGoods

The eternal entertainer on your list probably doesn’t need any help putting together a cheese plate, but the Cheese Complementing Honey Flight can help them make Asiago more awesome, Gouda great-a, cheddar even better…(you get the idea).


Cheese and Crackers Serving Board | UncommonGoods

They love hosting parties & you love attending them. You could say this serving piece is sort of a symbol of your admiration for their spectacular entertaining skills. | Cheese and Crackers Serving Board


Lazy Susan with Serving Dishes | UncommonGoods

Your giftee won’t want to wait to take these dishes for a spin. | Lazy Susan with Serving Dishes


Oven to Table Entertainment Platter | UncommonGoods

Put soapstone in the oven and then on the table to keep things warm. Put it in the freezer and then on the table to keep things cool. Put a bow on it and give it as a gift and it makes someone very happy.| Oven to Table Entertainment Platter



Picking the perfect present for a proud party planner isn't always, well, a party. These gift ideas are sure to make hosts and hostesses happy.

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