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The Most Interesting Father’s Day Gifts in the World

May 30, 2016

Father's Day 2016 Gift Guide | UncommonGoods

Because your dad is anything but ordinary, we consulted the Most Interesting Dad in the World to choose some uncommon Father’s Day gifts. Each design he selected has a story more fascinating than the last.


Beard Pack | UncommonGoodsHis beard alone was named Man of the Year in 2015. With the wash, wax, and oil in our Beard Pack, it’s a shoo-in for the title again this year.


Working Man's Hygiene Kit | UncommonGoods
He keeps his knuckles waxed and his feet exfoliated. His secret? The manly salves, scrubs, and balms in our Working Man’s Hygiene Kit


Hockey Stick Broom | UncommonGoods
Wayne Gretzky once said, “They call me the Great One, but he’s always been Most Interesting.” With its hockey stick handle, his broom was the most uncommon one on the block. | Hockey Stick Broom


Hockey Stick BBQ Set | UncommonGoods
To celebrate the Miracle on Ice, he held an All-American barbecue…in Red Square. Comrades kept asking him, “Where can I get such uncommon tools?” | Hockey Stick BBQ Set


Cufflinks | UncommonGoods

When the occasion calls for cufflinks, he prefers a pair that reminds him he’s The Most Interesting Dad in the World. His other favorite pair features resistors, recalling his many inventions. Like “television.” | Earth and Resistor Cufflinks


Das Horn | UncommonGoodsHe doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers to quaff it from Das Horn while listening to Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries.”


Beer Chilling Coaster Set 650 - 2He usually cools his beer in an Icelandic glacial waterfall, but finds that this chillable granite coaster set is an effective alternative on those rare evenings when he’s at home. | Beer Chilling Coaster Set


On the Rocks Set 650 - 2
They say he has an extra set of stones…handcrafted, chillable stones that keep his whiskey neat. | On the Rocks Set


The Many Varieties of Whiskey Wood Engraving 650 - 2
He’s the man who put whiskey on the map—the laser-engraved, cherry plywood word map. | The Many Varieties of Whiskey Wood Engraving


The Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool 650 - 2
He has a black belt. In mixology. | The Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool


Martini Diagram Glassware 650 - 2He once mixed the world’s most perfect Martini. While skiing down the steepest run at St. Moritz. Backwards. | Martini Diagram Glassware


Travel Mini Bar 650 - 2He invented the most interesting cocktail in the world: 18-year-old Japanese whiskey, 17th century vermouth personally recovered from a shipwreck, hand-cut ice from the South Pole, and a twist of pure bravado.  | Travel Mini Bar


Wilde Literary Poster 650His ideas are so daring that the CIA hires him as an SCDI (Special Consultant for Dangerous Ideas). | Wilde Literary Poster


Hemingway Literary Poster 650
A Hollywood producer asked him to play Ernest Hemingway in a biopic, but he turned it down because his own life is more interesting. | Hemingway Literary Poster

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