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Vintage-Inspired Gifts for the Classic Beauty

November 2, 2015

Vintage Inspired Gifts | UncommonGoods

Do you know someone who always looks like she just walked off the set of Mad Men? She might be the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, or possess the timeless grace of women like Iman or Amal Clooney. You swear that her Instagram account is recorded through a rose-colored lens. Finding a gift to suit such a regal personality isn’t easy. However, one thing we’re sure of is that true vintage appeal must incorporate an element of the uncommon, something that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. (As you might imagine, we consider that our specialty). In honor of the classic beauty in your life, we’ve rounded up our favorite finds that will stun her with elegance and panache.

Painterly Feathers Scarf | UncommonGoods

Inspired by the vibrancy of feathers, this indulgently soft scarf is sure to make her look take flight during any season. | Painterly Feathers Scarf

Truth and Beauty Reliquary Box | UncommonGoods

Designed after the reliquary boxes of ancient times, this special relic will remind her to seek truth, beauty, strength, and love at every turn. | Truth and Beauty Reliquary Box

Mr. Owl Touch Lamp | UncommonGoods

You don’t need to dive through dusty antique store to find interesting pieces. From the handcrafted wood base, to the watchful brass owl,  this touch lamp will brighten any romantic hideaway. | Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

Literary Candles | UncommonGoodsYou can’t give her the library from Beauty and the Beastbut you can transport her Alice in Wonderland‘s madcap tea party, Sherlock Holmes’ study, Jane Eyre’s ambrosial rose garden, or an ivy-filled escape out of Pride & Prejudice.  | Literary Candles

Emily Dickinson | UncommonGoods

Lovely words for your favorite lovely lady. | Emily Dickinson

Infinite Seashell Wall Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Part collage, part mosaic, part sculpture, this work of art proves that beauty lies in simplicity. | Infinite Seashell Sculpture

Reverse Hand Painted Mirror Jewelry Box | UncommonGoods

Using the reverse painting techniques invented by our ancestors’ ancestors, this handmade vessel is sure to be passed down to beautiful generations to come. | Reverse Hand Painted Mirror Jewelry Box


Java Coffee Infused Skincare Body Collection | UncommonGoods

Introducing the most important meal of the day… for her skin! Each product in this set contains naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients designed to awaken her senses, exfoliate her skin, and increase circulation. | Java Body Collection


Tapestry Inspired Tote | UncommonGoods

You can never go wrong when the mystique of an Indian bazaar meets the charm of retro vintage fashion. |  Tapestry Inspired Tote


Pedestal Jewelry Holder | UncommonGoods

Imprinted with vintage fabrics and then formed by hand in a press mold, this ceramic pedestal includes 40 holes to carry her most prized possessions. | Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Floral Batik Kimono Robe | UncommonGoods

Because she already looks like birds help her get dressed in the morning. | Floral Batik Kimono Robe


Birthstone Definition Necklace | UncommonGoods

Believed by mystics to carry special meanings, these birthstones symbolize the birthplace of beauty and knowledge. | Birthstone Definition Necklace


Believe Meditation Spinning Ring - UncommonGoodsShe can’t always control what happens, but she can choose to respond with grace. Inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels, this interactive ring is designed to help the owner pause and reflect through mindful rotation of the inner bands. | Believe Meditation Spinner Ring



Organic Heart Necklace | UncommonGoods

Even if you live far from each other, remind her that you’re always a (heart-shaped) stone’s throw away. | Organic Heart Necklace

Ruby Crystal Talisman Pendant | UncommonGoods

Known as a symbol for passion, protection and prosperity, the ruby is a classic beauty among all gems. | Ruby Crystal Talisman Pendant

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