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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Louise Geller

April 21, 2015

Louise Geller | UncommonGoods

Louise Geller, UncommonGoods Senior Planner

My hometown is…
New York, NY

My favorite project that I’ve worked on at UncommonGoods is…
I truly love working with our forecasting software, learning how the database is organized so we can harness its power effectively. Forecasting is basically predicting the future, and it’s pretty exciting when you do it right. It’s okay, you can call me a nerd.

I’m inspired by…
Live theater. Humans are becoming increasingly accustomed to being isolated from each other, so when a production can unite an audience in a meaningful shared experience, it is pretty awesome. I still feel inspired thinking about watching the pivotal moments of Peter and the Starcatcher, the best play to ever be on Broadway. (I will not accept rebuttals to this point.)

My favorite place to eat in New York City is…
My apartment? Just kidding (kind of). There are always so many new places to try in NYC, I don’t end up going back to the ones I love as often as I might like. Cookshop in Chelsea has probably been on my favorites list the longest. There’s also an amazing pizza and cocktail spot in my neighborhood called Wheated, and I will eat there at basically any opportunity.

An uncommon fact about me…
I can (and probably will, if you don’t stop me) give you a 90 minute lecture/guided tasting on the various styles of cheese and their history.

My guilty pleasure is…
I try not to feel guilty about anything that gives me pleasure, but I guess I’d say rereading books that I loved when I was a kid. You can get major side eye by being an adult reading Beverly Cleary on the F train.

Since working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
To never underestimate the popularity of dishtowels.

If I could travel forward or backward in time, I would…
Blow all my money on a trip around the world, and then come back to now and spend it on something sensible instead. I’m assuming I’d get to keep the memories and experiences.

With the following ingredients in front of me I would make…
You’re given the Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, the Wine Jelly Set, and the Craft Beer Cake Mix Set.

I’d add some of the cayenne or hot peppers from the hot sauce kit into the chocolate stout mix, then spread the Cabernet & cracked pepper jelly between two layers once the cake was baked. I’m not sure how well it would work flavor-wise, but I bet I’d find some volunteers to taste it.

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