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October 21, 2015

STEM Gift Guide | UncommonGoods

We encounter the principles of STEM every single day. From navigating our natural environment, to the devices that we incessantly tap our thumbs all over, we’re constantly interacting with feats of science, technology, engineering, and math. While we value the much-discussed professional benefits of STEM education, what gets us most excited about these studies is that they encourage kids to be curious about the world around them. Without curiosity and questioning, life would be rather boring! Unfortunately, the STEM world tends to get a bad rep for bordering on stuffy. Here at UncommonGoods, we know that diving into STEM education doesn’t have to be void of creativity. We’ve gathered our favorite educational gifts for kids of all ages to explore this holiday season and into the next school year. Let the experiments begin!

Makey Makey | UncommonGoods

You can’t compare apples and oranges, but you can turn them into “keys” that tell your computer what to do. | Makey MakeyPeriodic Table Clock

Dinner will be served when the clock strikes carbon! Periodic Table Clock

Edison circuit building set

Who said x-ray vision was just for superheroes? Using the free LightUp Learning app as their guide, the Edison Circuit Building Kit allows your little ones to  see electricity flow through their creations! (And once they’ve mastered the basics, the Tesla Circuit Building Set let’s them build even cooler projects by teaching them how to code.)

amazing earth puzzle blocks

Navigating the explosive dynamics of volcanicism, the layers of the atmosphere, and the depths of the ocean is all in a day’s work for your mini explorer. | Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks

deluxe design studio kit

All contained within a sturdy carrying case, this experiment in form and function is perfect for long car rides, rainy days, or an afternoon spent daydreaming. Deluxe Design Studio Kit

Hydraulic Robotic Arm Construction Set

We can think of something that would make chores more interesting… Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit

tree construction set

By snapping the branches together and changing their configuration, quick-thinking tots can create anything from a silly plant to a massive oak tree (well, relatively speaking). Tree Construction Set

Chromosome Pillows | UncommonGoods

Your teen would forgive your “I Dream of Gene-ie” references (and so would we)Chromosome Pillows


Eco Moon Thermometer Time Clock

Even if your little scientist can’t see over the steering wheel, she can still foresee high tide. With this dashboard-style thermometer clock, she can tune into the time, temperature, and tides all at once! Eco Thermometer Clock


A History of Existing Life

Merging the best of art and STEM, we guarantee you won’t find watercolor bacteria, fungi, insects, or mammals in any high school textbook. | A History of Existing Life


Bioluminescent Dino Pet | UncommonGoods

Your dog may be adorable. Your cat may be cute. But can they compete with a glowing dinosaur? | Bioluminescent Dino Pet 


Lab Test Games | UncommonGoods

And you thought passing biology was tough. | Lab Test Games

Equation Geek Watch | UncommonGoods

Regular numbers? Those are for amateurs. | Equation Geek Watch

Great Minds Puzzles - Women in History | UncommonGoods

Celebrating the ladies who STEM, each piece represents a female figure who wasn’t afraid to puzzle those around her. | Great Minds Puzzles – Women in History


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