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Gift Lab: Making Quick Work of Kabobs

October 29, 2015

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Product: Kabob Maker

When we saw the Kabob Maker, we were interested in testing it out, because you can make meat and vegetable skewers IN THE MICROWAVE! We wanted to see how true this was and if they would be fully cooked and taste good.

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The kit comes with the Kabob Maker, 40 wooden skewers, and an instruction booklet. We first read through the booklet (English directions start on page 10 and recipes start on page 38). Before reading the recipes, we had an idea of what foods we wanted to try. We wanted to test poultry, something dense/firm, along with something soft. With this in mind, we purchased chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, eggplant, and green peppers.


We started this in the middle of our workday. We were a bit wary of how this would turn out, so we purchased a backup lunch! We weren’t sure if the food would be fully cooked or hot – more specifically, we thought the potatoes would be edible, but hard/crunchy.

1. We began prepping/cutting the chicken, followed by the veggies and starch.



2. We each made 4 skewers and made sure they each were unique. Some had more veggies; some were all veggies, while others had the poultry side by side, or with potatoes and eggplant as separators. This was to see how the skewers would cook in different scenarios.


3. We began placing the complete skewers in the Kabob Maker.


4. Because we were so excited (and nervous) to see how this would work – we forgot to season the food. We seasoned the food while they were on the skewers and in the Kabob Maker.


5. The skewers were now ready for the microwave. The instructions noted to cook for 4-5 minutes with lid on. We cooked for 5 minutes.

6. After it came out of the microwave, we let sit for 1 minute to cool. Then we removed the lid and revealed our lunch.


It worked! Everything was fully cooked and tasty. No complaints here. We would use this again for a quick lunch, dinner, or gathering. Cleanup was very easy. Let’s toast to the kabob life!



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