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Fantastic Finds for the Family

October 28, 2015

Fantastic Finds for the Family | UncommonGoods

Finding a gift for the whole family can be tricky, especially when each member of the group has a very different personality from the next. You could go with the standard “Happy Holidays to All of You from All of Us” fruitcake, but we think that one of these unique gifts might suite each of their individual tastes a little better. (While promoting family bonding, togetherness, and all that sweet stuff. Now that takes the cake!)


Personalized Family MugsDad takes it black, mom likes a little milk and sugar, and the kiddos stick to hot chocolate. Now each member of the family can enjoy their favorite drink in their own special mug. | Personalized Family Mugs


Holiday Journal collage


Holidays are basically memorable moment factories. Here’s a way to keep track of all of them. | The Holiday Journal and The Holiday Journal – Jewish

Nutcracker Holiday Set - cropped


Parents might see this detailed diorama as more decorative, while kids can enjoy it as a play set. (Of course, if mom or dad feels like reenacting a scene from their favorite holiday ballet, they are certainly encouraged to do so!) | Nutcracker Holiday Set

Personalized Cutting Board

Having trouble cooking up a gift idea for your favorite couple? Give them this Personalized Cutting Board and let them do the cooking. Or at least the prep work!

Kid Quotes Memory Book

Kids say some seriously funny things, and your friends with kids will seriously appreciate this clever way to record those giggle-inducing moments. | Kid Quotes Memory Book

Heirloom Recipe JournalPassing recipes down through generations is a common tradition, but this beautiful, handmade Heirloom Recipe Journal is an uncommon way to do it in style.

Personalized Family Ski and Snowboard ArtSending the whole gang on a ski retreat might not be a realistic option for holiday gift, but this piece is another way to celebrate family togetherness and a shared love for hitting the slopes.| Personalized Family Ski and Snowboard Art

Personalized Family Cameo PortraitA long hallway filled with faded Victorian portraits of kin is probably a little over the top. One Victorian-style Personalized Family Cameo Portrait, on the other hand, is a great gift.

Custom Lake Cribbage Board | UncommonGoods

Have them pegged for a family that loves a fun challenge?  Give them a  Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board and they might even invite you to their crib for the next game night.

Tabletop Cornhole

Beanbag toss is fun, but backyard games aren’t always a hit in December. This tiny version is made for indoor play, so it’s sure to receive a warm reception. | Tabletop Cornhole


Not quite air hockey and not quite finger football, Pucket is a game they may not have heard of yet, but will surely add to the family fun roster once they give it a try.

Family Fun Bucket List

Answering the question  “What should we do today?” is now easier than ever. | Family Fun Bucket List


Game of Phones 26556_zoom1

Smartphones get a bad rap for preventing meaningful human interaction. Game of Phones makes that mobile device a part of the human interaction– and what’s more meaningful than being crowned the winner and earning bragging rights until next game night?

Personalized Subway House Sign | UncommonGoodsThe great gift train just pulled into the station and the conductor’s announcing that a New York City subway-inspired Personalized House Sign is the last stop.

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