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Gift Lab: Ctrl+Alt+Del (iciousness) with the Keyboard Waffle Iron

October 8, 2015


Product: Keyboard Waffle Iron


I used to love waffles, but forced myself into pancakes. I didn’t want to be bothered with finding a place to store a waffle maker once I purchased it or the hassle of having a bunch of cords in the kitchen. The Keyboard Waffle Iron, without explanation, is pretty cool, but the fact that I could (possibly) make a good looking waffle and be able to store it is what especially caught my interest.

Keyboard Waffle Iron | UncommonGoods


Control + A;t + DelEAT
I’m not sure my end result will look as perfect as the iron mold.

At the time of this experiment, I wanted to test the waffle iron, but I wasn’t in the mood for waffles. It was late in the day and I wanted something more savory. I decided to make cornbread (the box mix – nothing fancy) in the waffle maker.


Our UncommonGoods Butter Churner works great as a mixer for small amounts.

The instructions on the waffle maker say to pre-heat itover medium-high heat before you start. So I pre-heated (flipping occasionally) while I prepared my other dinner items.

Stovetop Waffle Iron | UncommonGoods




Butter Churner | UncommonGoods

After pre-heating – I removed from the heat and sprayed the iron with cooking spray (reminded me of real keyboard duster spray).


After spraying – instructions direct you to only pour ¾ cup of batter and close, return to heat. Once on heat – cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side (I flipped every minute and a half). There were some bubbling noises, but everything was fine.

Keyboard Waffle Iron | UncommonGoods

It looked like an actual keyboard, had the perfect texture, and tasted good.

Finished Waffles Look Like A Computer Keyboard!



Keyboard Waffle Iron

I also made an actual waffle a few days later. I didn’t reread the instructions and it still turned out tasty.

Yum! Keyboard-shaped Waffle | UncommonGoods

Cleaning is very simple – I cleaned it immediately after using the iron each time. There weren’t many food components left in the iron, because it forms well to your actual waffle. I rinsed it (all visible particles were gone) and I washed with soap (a dish washing brush helps to get in the grooves, but not necessary).



Buy the Keyboard Waffle Iron | UncommonGoods

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