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A Guide to our Holiday Gift Guides

December 12, 2012

Every year UncommonGoods celebrates those who dance to the beat of their own drum by offering gifts for every kind of personality and hobbyist. This December, Cassie and I wanted to sing our praise to some of the great people on your list with some gift guides with personality if their own. Whether your list contains a toddling physicist, a Pinaholic, or a set of saccharine smoochers, you’re bound to find something for someone in our guides.

The Urban Lumberjack may reside in the city–a forest of concrete and steel–but that doesn’t stop him from embracing his manliness. He’s ruggedly handsome; sophisticated, yet street smart; and stylish in a down-to-earth fashion… see more.

Born with fervent curiosity, the Tiny Scientist is determined to figure out the workings of the world. Always asking how and why, their research never ceases… see more.

Even the most persistent pinner needs a break from taste-making during the holiday season. Help her take a load off by presenting her with one of these pinworthy products perfect for the Pinterest Addictsee more.

There’s no cure for The Runaway’s serious case of wanderlust. No matter how many roads they trek, sights they see, and adventures they embark upon, their craving to see lands unknown cannot be sated… see more.

The Earth Mama is a special lady. She’s in touch with her surroundings. She’s down with nature–whether it’s the wind, grass, and trees encapsulating her country hideaway, or the energy of the bustling city streets and other people, all sharing the planet and working with one another… see more.

When they look at each other, they still get butterflies. Here are a few gifts that the Smitten Couple is sure to love… see more.

Even the most complex cocktail is no match for The Mixologist. Armed with a bottle of booze, ice, and a splash of soda, this brave bartender helps you battle thirst, then celebrates your victory with a toast… see more.

To Gadgeteers, lovers of techie toys, the latest gizmo is one part puzzle and one part solution.Unfortunately for eager gifters, the die-hard tech-thusiast often already owns the latest and greatest big-ticket electronic item before the holiday season even starts downloading… see more.

Some call them the literati, bibliophiles, or even book worms. But, they’re not so concerned about those titles, because they’d rather be browsing the shelves for titles from their favorite authors. They are the Book Lovers, and here are some gifts that are sure to read well with them this holiday season… see more.

There hasn’t been a holiday for which she couldn’t plan the perfect party. And, showers–bridal or baby–she’s ready with cute games and an even cuter cake. She is the Eternal Hostesssee more.

Some cyclists consider themselves two-wheel commuters. They’d rather hop on a bike to get to work than worry about getting stuck in traffic or dealing with packed public transportation… see more.

There’s a certain breed of music lover who, when given the choice, always takes the slightly gritty sound of vinyl on a turntable over a digitally remastered CD or a quick-and-clean download. For the record, one of these gifts for Vinylphiles might just be the chart-topper they’re looking for… see more.

It’s more than an oversized sock tacked to the mantle. It’s a welcome sign for Santa, a reminder to be nice (it’s very hard to get coal stains out of those toes, you know), and a boot-shaped goody bag on Christmas morning. Stocking Stuffers are special, too… see more.


  • Reply Gregory December 31, 2012 at 3:38 am

    I went through your blog post and liked some of the gifts. I would surely choose some for gifting my wife this holiday season to make her feel good. Thanks for sharing this online.

  • Reply emma March 22, 2013 at 6:42 am

    They are all nice gifts ideas, but I really like the beer glasses as a gift for a friend of mine. Thanks for posting it!

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