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Top 10 Gifts for the Chef Dad

June 15, 2011

We’re cooking up Father’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of dads–so we thought, why not whip up a batch of fresh gift ideas for the Dad who knows his way around the kitchen? If your proud papa loves to BBQ, bake, brew and boil, he’ll love these foodie-friendly gifts!

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Beer Making Kits

Whether Dad prefers the spicy Jalapeno Saison, the sweet Chocolate Maple Porter or the Everyday IPA, these Beer Making Kits hit the spot. Complete with a 1 Gallon Glass Fermenter, airlock, tubing, thermometer, tubing clamp, packet of sanitizer, stopper and blowoff attachment, the kit comes with everything Dad needs to become a brew-master in no time!

Hot Pot Barbeque

If Dad’s as skilled with gardening sheers as he is with a spatula, he’ll love the Hot Pot Barbeque. This clever two-in-one features a charcoal grill on the bottom and a planter on the top. When the grill’s not in use it looks like an ordinary plant pot. When it’s time to fire-up the coals the top lifts off easily, so Dad can grill up a tasty feast!

Elevate Carousel Utensil Set

When Dad’s trying to focus on adding just the right amount of oregano to his secret sauce, he doesn’t want to worry about cleaning up the drips! This utensil set is perfect for the counter-conscious chef.

Asian Weapon Cheese Knife Set

For the Dad that doesn’t think fantasizing about being a Ninja or a Samurai is too cheesy, these little appetizer swords are a cut above the rest.

BBQ Salt & Pepper Shakers

These long-handled shakers let dad perfectly season his BBQ bounty, without endangering his arm hair.

Face Mug

Whether Dad prefers to bake cookies or fry doughnuts, the face mug lets him enjoy his favorite sweet treat along with his beverage of choice. Perfect for tea, milk or coffee–this mug makes dunking easy.

Firewire Skewers

Sold in a set of four, these skewers hold up to twice as much food as traditional skewers. Dad will love maximizing his grill space to fit in even more delicious meats and veggies.

Stainless Steel Index Cutting Board

When he gets going chopping and dicing, he probably doesn’t want to slow down to clean off the cutting board. This organized set lets Dad get all the chopping done without worrying about cross-contamination. When he’s all done with the dirty work, he can toss the boards in the dishwasher.

Oven Mitt Apron

The only frills on this apron are little extras that are actually practical! Complete with attached insulated oven mitts, this apron is pretty handy.

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Great for when Dad needs a pinch of spice in a pinch, this kit includes travel sized sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, onion, basil, conventional wasabi, nutmeg, oregano, garlic, thyme, curry, ginger, dill and soy sauce.

These gifts are sure to please anyone who loves to cook, but if your dad prefers to order takeout, don’t worry. We’ve also got great gift ideas for the Sports Fan Dad, Handyman Dad, Geek Dad, New Dad and Superhero Dad. Order now with Express Shipping, and your gift will reach Dad by June 19.

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