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July 5, 2011

The temperatures may be rising, but our prices are dropping!  Take a look at our top 10 summer sale items, then check out the rest on our website.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

The illusion vase (previously $25, now $5.99) is both elegant and multifunctional: display a few simple stems or a whole bouquet by flipping the vase upside down or right side up!

Peculiar pet pillows (previously $28, now $14.99) are fun, quirky and eco-friendly: creator Michelle Lyon sews the animals together using recycled bedspreads, then stuffs them with an 80% poly-fill made of recycled water bottles. The whale version is sold out; the cat and dog are still available.

Our beautiful olives dish (previously $34.00, now $19.99) features compartments for toothpicks and pits to keep your guests’ appetizers organized.

The index cutting board and knife system (previously $80.00, now $49.99) prevents cross contamination and keeps your prepping process organized.  Illustrated tabs indicate which board to use when; the system includes a knife and board for fish, vegetables, meat and cooked foods.  The cutting board and knife system is also the perfect tool to use when cooking unicorn meat!

The leaves & berry knit necklace (previously $60.00, now $39.99) is a bright and beautiful way to get in touch with nature.  Brooklyn-based Nguyen Le handmakes each piece.

Kathy Beymer’s chalkboard pillows (previously $36.00, now $19.99) were finalists in our first design challenge.  Multi-purpose and playful, the pillows can be written on with a special, non-toxic, smudge-proof pen.

The traffic sign bottle opener (previously $16.00, now $9.99) is a multi-purpose way to keep your keys together and be prepared to party.  Made from recycled traffic signs, each keychain is handmade and unique.

Get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables in with our beautifully bright fruit and vegetable parchment necklaces (previously $145.00, now $99.99).  Handmade in California, the pieces are created using fruits and vegetables that are first cured, pressed, aged and then dried into a translucent parchment sheet.

Our chunky chalk (previously $15.00, now $9.99) is the perfect size for young hands, and provides your youngsters with hours of simple outdoor fun.  The chalks are non-toxic, and a booklet with international variations on the game of hopscotch are included.

The tinysaur kit (previously $16.00, now $9.99) packs mega fun in a mini size.  Build your own triceratops or T-rex with the included set of glue, tweezers and instructions.

Please be aware that all of our sale orders are final.

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