Paper to Silk

August 11, 2011

Finding that perfect gift for a special couple isn’t always an easy task.

We’re happy to provide a little advice and proudly offer our original Anniversary Book as a suggestion for a great wedding or anniversary gift. This hand-bound journal includes pages to help loving couples celebrate years the first twenty years of marriage, and features pages in 5-year increments for each year from 25-50.

You told us that you loved this little journal so much that we needed to take it to the next level. And with your suggestions, we developed a more complete Anniversary Journal featuring pages for each year up to that golden 50th anniversary.

Creating this in-depth journal was a collaborative task among our product developers, merchant team and our partners Jason and Ilira Thompson at Rag & Bone Bindery, who built off of the original book for inspiration.

Although the Anniversary Journal is a beautiful way to celebrate a couple’s past, present and future, and makes a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift, we realized there was still a way to take it one step further. Playing on year one’s paper theme and the silk theme of year 12, Jason bound beautiful paper pages in a luxurious silk cover to create the Anniversary Journal’s companion, Paper to Silk.

This innovative little journal features cleaver headlines incorporating traditional annual gifts to encourage the pair to share stories and memories from their matrimonial adventures. Year one starts with the paper prompts “Things We are on the Same Page About,” “Headlines from the Year,” and “On Our Calendar”.

The honeymoon doesn’t have to be over when year two rolls around, instead the couple can share “Pillow Talk,” discuss “Traditions We Are Weaving,” and write down their “Common Threads.” As the years go by, this clever book gains sentiment as the pages are filled and will remain a keepsake long past year 12.

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