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June 10, 2011

Crane Hook

We’re happy to announce a fresh  batch of new goods hot out of the Community Voting App. We’re also excited about the plethora of potential products waiting for your votes! We added several items this week, so don’t forget to let us know what you think. Here’s what our community has to say so far:

Repurposed Glass Fan Dangles

glass fan dangles

These colorful fan pulls are handmade by Vawn and Mike Gray from recycled glass bottles. The green and blue glass beads dangle from a ball chain and shimmer in the sunlight.

Kate said:  “VERY Uncommon…I like how much they seem to reflect light—I choose the one in the middle as my favorite!”

Elephant Wall Vases

Elephant Wall Vases

Handmade by San Francisco artist Harry Leaf, these glazed elephant wall art sculptures feature watertight construction to fit small bouquets.

Robin said:  “I like elephants, but I wouldn’t want these hanging on my wall.”

Porta Chair Harness

Porta Chair

Invented by a new mom, Carren Rieger, this portable baby seat straps into almost any adult chair—perfect when there’s no highchair in sight! The five-point safety harness features fully adjustable straps and rolls up for easy carrying.

Kristen said:  “This is a great idea! We, too, have encountered child “un-friendly” places… And even if a place might have a highchair, sometimes those straps are pretty gross! This is great!”

Do you agree with our voters so far? We want to know! Don’t forget to leave your feedback on these goods and more via our Community Voting App.

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