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13 Stellar Finds for Space Lovers

April 20, 2018

Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” We know that he was talking about the mind-blowing, cosmic kind of “something,” but we figure that same statement can apply to incredibly cool stuff here on Earth too. In the spirit of discovery–even if it’s simply the discovery of your favorite new space-themed goodies–we rounded up a selection of products that celebrate the moon, stars, planets, and beyond.

1. A necklace depicting our solar system. (Oh, hey Pluto!)

Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace | UncommonGoods

Most true space geeks are OK with the whole Pluto getting downgraded thing. After all, it’s science! Still, our solar system isn’t complete without everyone’s favorite dwarf planet, so this lovely bib necklace features the sun, the eight big ones, and lil’ Pluto.

Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace – $55 Buy Now »


2. Planetary bottle stoppers that glow in the dark.

Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers | UncommonGoods

These handcrafted glass planets (and the sun!) stop your open wine bottle with celestial flair, even in the dark.

Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers – $24-26 Buy Now »


3. A clock that lets you tell time using Saturn’s rings.

Spinning Saturn Clock | UncommonGoods

Days on Saturn are less than 11 hours long, but this clock has Earth time covered. The rotating rings tell the hour, the orbiting moon serves as the minute hand, and the stationary moon spins with the seconds.

Spinning Saturn Clock – $100 Buy Now »


4. DIY cards for sending galactic greetings.

Cosmos Customizable Greeting Cards | UncommonGoods

This set of 12 far out cards comes with sheets of greetings and a selection of gold stars, so you can send mix and match images and messages. So whether you want to send “infinity birthday wishes” or tell someone “Love you to the moon and back,” you’ll be ready to launch the perfect sentiment.

Cosmos Customizable Greeting Cards – $12 Buy Now »


5. A babysuit for the most adorable astronaut in the universe.

Space Explorer Babysuit | UncommonGoods

This 100% cotton, spacesuit-inspired baby outfit is perfect for the next generation space lover in your life.

Space Explorer Babysuit – $30 Buy Now »


6. A kimono for cosmic comfort.

Shooting Star Kimono Robe | UncommonGoods

This extra-comfy cotton kimono is hand-dyed by Indonesian artisans using the batik method of wax removal, so like shooting stars, each robe is unique.

Shooting Star Kimono Robe – $78 Buy Now »


7. Handmade ceramic cups featuring creatively crafted planets.

Planetary Cups - Set of 2 | UncommonGoods

Artist Sean Forest Roberts spent six years developing his technique for creating the swirling planets “suspended” on these handcrafted tumblers. Hey, that’s not so long considering our solar system’s more than 4.5 billion years in the making!

Planetary Cups – Set of 2 – $72 Buy Now »


8. A personal planetarium that uses augmented reality.

Personal Planetarium | UncommonGoods

Just pop your smartphone into this device before stargazing to see the night sky in new ways. From an overlay of the constellations to closer looks at stars and planets, this Personal Planetarium adds layers of information to what you’ll naturally see as you keep looking up.

Personal Planetarium – $50 Buy Now »


9. This chart illustrates over 50 years of cosmic exploration.

Cosmic Exploration Chart | UncommonGoods

Printed on archival paper, this detailed poster features every spacecraft that left planet Earth to successfully complete its mission, from the Luna 2 (1959) to the DSCOVR (2015). It even traces the trajectory of each.

Cosmic Exploration Chart – $37 Buy Now »


10. A handmade glass paperweight that shines in the night.

Glowing Saturn Paperweight | UncommonGoods

Thanks to phosphorous powder mixed into molten glass, this Saturn-shaped paperweight glows in the dark. (Kinda like the real deal.)

Glowing Saturn Paperweight – $52 Buy Now »


11. A watch featuring a telescopic view of Earth’s moon’s surface.

Moon Watch | UncommonGoods

You’ve heard of moon rocks, but what about a Moon Watch? This one captures a closeup of the moon’s surface and lights up with the push of a button.

Moon Watch – $95 Buy Now »


12. A print showing planetary alignment–on any day you pick.

Personalized Solar System Art Print | UncommonGoods

What happens when an artist and a developer team up to turn NASA data into art? They create personalized prints that depict just where the planets sat in the solar system on a special day of your choosing. They even check the information against the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s system, just to be sure. (Maybe art isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it’s pretty close!)

Personalized Solar System Art Print – $65-170 Buy Now »


13. Bracelets that put a new spin on geek chic.

Earth and Beyond Set of 10 Bracelets | UncommonGoods

Each bracelet in this set of 10 celebrates our solar system in a creative way. From the “sunburst” bead on the bracelet for our home star to the heart-shaped detail to help you identify Pluto, each piece is a stylish, if not literal, representation of a celestial body.

Earth and Beyond Set of 10 Bracelets – $45 Buy Now »


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