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20 of Our Favorite
New Mother’s Day Gifts

April 13, 2018

20 of Our Favorite New Mother's Day Gifts

Flowers. Brunch. Homemade cards, hand-delivered. You’re familiar with all the old Mother’s Day standbys, so why not get Mom something new and exciting this year? To make your life just a wee bit easier, we’ve assembled 20 of our favorite things you couldn’t get her to say “thanks for raising me” in 2017. Whether she’s into jewelry, knitting, donuts, or any of the good stuff in between (even woodland creatures), we’ve got something she’ll like—we guarantee it.


Kindred Animal Necklaces | UncommonGoods

Maybe she’s a narwhal. Maybe a bee. Or maybe she reminds you of something more… mythical. With six kindred animals to choose from, you’re sure to find something that says, “Yep, that’s Mom.”

Kindred Animal Necklaces – $85 Buy Now »



Sparrow Mirror | UncommonGoods

Give her the Disney princess treatment with this adorable wall-mounted mirror, which comes with two handmade birds preattached. (Wake-up function not included, unfortunately.)

Sparrow Mirror – $130 Buy Now »



Wavy Blackeyed Susan Bowl | UncommonGoods

Whether she’s a gardener or simply an admirer of blooms, this springy bowl—handcrafted by glass artist Lisa Fida—will bring joy to her table.

Wavy Blackeyed Susan Bowl – $55 Buy Now »



Rainbow Bud Vase Set | UncommonGoods

In the words of the Rolling Stones, “she’s like a raaaaaaainbooooooow.” Celebrate her every hue with this suite of handcrafted, watercolor-inspired vases, each just the right size for its own freshly picked bud.

Rainbow Bud Vase Set – $115 Buy Now »



Keys to Mom's Heart Locket | UncommonGoods

Even though Mom’s heart is always open, we’ve always suspected a select few hold the keys anyway. The culprits? Her kiddos, of course.

Keys to Mom’s Heart Locket – $110-160 Buy Now »



Herb Garden Candle | UncommonGoods

Trust us: this candle smells amazing, but that’s not the only cool thing about it. Once it’s done burning, Mom can clean the pot it came in, plant the included disk embedded with seeds, and enjoy the sprigs of oregano, basil, and parsley that result.

Herb Garden Candle – $20 Buy Now »



Amazing Woman Paperweight | UncommonGoods

Moms contain multitudes. Let yours decide what kind of woman she is today with this interactive paperweight.

Amazing Woman Paperweight – $72 Buy Now »



Cherry Blossom Origami Art | UncommonGoods

Mastering the Japanese art of origami takes patience, dedication, and creative vision. Sounds kinda like raising kids to us, and we happen to think this work of art featuring painstakingly hand-folded birds will resonate… and look nice above the fireplace, of course.

Cherry Blossom Origami Art – $180 Buy Now »



Iridescent Champagne Flute Set | UncommonGoods

You already know Mom deserves a champagne toast. Make this year’s a touch more magical with a set of iridescent, hand-painted flutes ripe for clinking.

Iridescent Champagne Flute Set – $65 Buy Now »



New Parent's Supply Kit | UncommonGoods

Being a mom means getting your hands dirty, especially in the first couple of years. Treat her with a care kit designed to give new parents a moment of zen—and super-soft skin.

New Parent’s Supply Kit – $45 Buy Now »



Butterfly Basket Bag | UncommonGoods

This hand-woven bag—made from natural grass and lined with a layer of gorgeous batik—is a real showstopper. And for the woman who toted your diapers, carried your bookbags, and braved your teenage hamper (yikes), we think a nice purse is the least you can do.

Butterfly Basket Bag – $98 Buy Now »



Personalized Yarn Bowl | UncommonGoods

For moms, downtime is a gift in itself. So why not invest in a little something special to help her get her knitting hobby off the ground? This yarn bowl can be specially carved with her name… or whatever else you call her, as long as it’s nice.

Personalized Yarn Bowl – $60 Buy Now »



Doughnut Art Portrait | UncommonGoods

Nobody (we repeat: nobody) doesn’t love doughnuts. Choose Mom’s favorite variety from these dozen “portraits,” each with a little something special—sprinkles, frosting, Boston creme filling—to make her smile widen when her sweet tooth comes knocking.

Doughnut Art Portrait – $50 Buy Now »



Just Ripe Fruit Bowl | UncommonGoods

Every mom knows the value of having snacks on deck, but when those snacks are fruits… and those fruits aren’t quite ripe… well, that’s a one-way ticket to Bummertown. Give her a special place to stash ripening treats with this carefully crafted fruit bowl.

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl – $65 Buy Now »



Cooking with Tea Set | UncommonGoods

Sure, she’s familiar with tea as an alternative to coffee, otherwise known as “Mom fuel.” But if she’s a bit of a gourmet, too, she’ll enjoy learning about its myriad culinary uses with the aid of this comprehensive kit.

Cooking with Tea Set – $39 Buy Now »



Pure Maple Sugar Cube & Grater Set | UncommonGoods

It’s not hard to understand why Mom deserves something sweet. A sugar cube may not sound very special, but a maple sugar cube? That’ll hit the spot.

Pure Maple Sugar Cube & Grater Set – $43 Buy Now »



Ode to Home State Tote Bag | UncommonGoods

Whether you live down the street from her or far across the US of A, you can’t go wrong with a tote bag that toasts everything great about her home state.

Ode to Home State Tote Bag – $45 Buy Now »



Head to Toe Rejuvenating Gift Set | UncommonGoods

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes—when you’re busy taking care of wee ones, every bit of you needs special care. With this six-piece rejuvenating set, Mom can soothe tired tootsies, refresh hard-working hands, and cleanse all over.

Head to Toe Rejuvenating Gift Set – $50 Buy Now »



Edible Chocolate Box | UncommonGoods

What good’s a chocolate box if Mom’s just gotta clean it up? This clever product poses a tasty solution to that very problem: make the box out of chocolate, too.

Edible Chocolate Box – $65 Buy Now »



Love Language Desktop Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Sure, you could give her a card that says “love you.” But this sculpture has staying power.

Love Language Desktop Sculpture – $65 Buy Now »


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