Modern Love: The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

January 22, 2018

Unless you were the most popular kid in junior high, you probably remember every love note you ever sent or received—the anticipation as you unfolded it to read, the ritual of clutching it like a holy relic from your crush. The makers of Lovebox set out to capture that giddy feeling with an eye-catching, modern design that makes it easy to share your heart.

Our story starts in France (you were expecting somewhere less romantic? Au contraire), where Jean Gregoire would soon embark for Boston to study robotics at MIT. He was also engaged and wanted to create a special way to send his love across the Atlantic to his fiancée, Mélodie, who was staying in France. So, Jean made the first Lovebox. Fellow designer Marie Poulle was tinkering in the same workshop, met Jean and his romantic messenger, and fell in love with the design. “Those Lovebox messages had such a different taste than the ones on [Mélodie’s] phone,” notes Marie. “The intention Jean was putting into those very special messages was preserved by the Lovebox, only there to deliver his love to Mélodie.” You could just send a text, but that would fail Sharing Your Heart 101. Such love notes “might be lost in between a text message from your bank and an urgent email from your boss,” adds Marie.

To recap: Jean and Mélodie were engaged. Jean and Marie became business partners. And the Lovebox’s status is available.” Its profile might read something like: Petite decorative accent ready to share its digital heart. Seeking any space to brighten.

Here’s how it works: The cheerful heart on your loved one’s box spins to let them know there’s a note waiting for them. “This is what makes people jump and clap their hands when the message arrives,” says Marie. The alert is silent—no annoying lights or beeping—a subtle sign that you’re thinking of them before they even open the box. Inside is your note on the screen and warm, fuzzy feelings set in. “They are always surprised to discover there is a WiFi connection and a little hidden screen,” says Marie. To return the feels, they can spin the heart to send a shower of digital valentines back to your screen, making it easy for grandparents and young children to respond. Either way, as Marie puts it, it’s “so much more powerful than a bipbip on your phone.”

Imagine a Lovebox on their desk, offering the sweetest kind of work interruption throughout the day. Or, if you find yourself in a long-distance partnership like Jean’s, picture it by the bed to send a virtual good night (or good morning). Marie adds that the silent alert was intentional because Jean didn’t want to wake Mélodie in a different time zone.

The Lovebox team has a passion for elevating small intentions—the little things that take care of our favorite people. They have one goal: to share happiness in a special, simple way. “We also wanted the Lovebox to make you return to the innocence of childhood,” says Marie. Message received. And we love it.

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