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March 5, 2018

Here at UncommonGoods, we’re always proud to salute our makers, whether that means celebrating artists new to our assortment or visiting the studios of longtime collaborators. This year, in honor of International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8, we’re taking a moment to share words of wisdom and encouragement from the women behind some of our most empowering, meaningful goods. Read on for more from sharp women just like you (or your mother, or your sister, or your wife, or your very best friend) and help us toast what makes UncommonGoods such a special place: our makers—and the love they put into the stuff they create.


Selecting which women to include in the deck was both fun and incredibly daunting, given the incredible number of remarkable women throughout history. We wanted the women in our deck to reflect the diversity of our nation, both in identity and areas of accomplishment. Zeb Wahls

Zeb makes up one half of the brother-sister duo behind this deck of cards, which features illustrations of noteworthy American women like Sacagawea and Gertrude Stein.

“Woman Card” Playing Deck – $20 Buy Now »



I honestly believe that if you are persistent and don’t give up, you can visualize your end goal, then you can attain it.Jen Pleasants

Stamped here on a handcrafted sterling silver ring, “she believed she could, so she did” is Jen’s trademark phrase—and “one of my favorite” quotes.

She Believed She Could Sterling Silver Ring – $78 Buy Now »



Women have a NEW moment. I am a Woman. I am an artist. As an artist I encourage my sisters to [have] confidence in themselves the way I know how.Tamara Hensick

Sculptor and longtime member of the Uncommon family Tamara’s interactive paperweight allows you to show off exactly what type of woman you feel like today.

Amazing Woman Paperweight – $72 Buy Now »



We created Persist because in a world where women are repeatedly silenced, we wanted to give them the mic. We also believe in entertainment as a medium for change and we know that we (women) are stronger as a collective voice.Kathryn Ekloff, Amber Hanson, and MaryBeth Pecha

Kathryn, Amber, and MaryBeth created this conversation-starting card game to poke fun at the trials of modern-day womanhood.

Persist the Game – $35 Buy Now »


People love the necklace because they can wear it around the office as a subtle reminder of their strength, their accomplishments, all the things they’re capable of. [With the paperweight] we wanted them to have a piece that could fit into an office setting and be functional, but also be inspirational and even spark some conversations.Tiffany Jyang

The follow-up to our Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace, this paperweight—designed by Tiffany and the rest of our Product Development team—honors every woman who’s ever crushed it in the workplace.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight – $48 Buy Now »



I believe that words hold a certain power and when I am making art, the words or script that I place into my art sets an affirming tone for my life.Alena Hennessy

The “obstinate, headstrong girl” Renaissance woman Alena references here is none other than Elizabeth Bennett, the future Mrs. Darcy and staunchly independent heroine of Jane Austen’s best-loved novel, Pride and Prejudice.

Obstinate Headstrong Girl Framed Art Block – $50-90 Buy Now »



Quotes have helped me through some of the most challenging times in my life. … They remind me about love, possibility, and what’s important in life—how we should never give up on our dreams, never forget that dear loved one, and, most importantly, never forget who we are.Kathy Bransfield

Kathy’s handmade pendant channels a tenacious woman’s power.

A Woman’s Determination Necklace – $92 Buy Now »


My favorite thing about this scarf is the pink pom-poms that add a little touch of whimsy. [Copy Director] Jess Haas came up with ‘because everyone needs a cheer section’ and I love that little bit of copy because it’s so true.Tiffany Jyang

In 2017, “nevertheless, she persisted” became a rallying cry for strong women everywhere, including those on our Product Development team.

Statement Scarf – Nevertheless She Persisted – $35 Buy Now »



I have never allowed a gentleman to dictate to me, or to interfere with anything I do.Daisy Miller

Filled with portraits of strong female characters—like Daisy, the protagonist of Henry James’s novel of the same name—and their most memorable quotes, artist Samantha Hahn’s inspiring journal is just the thing to fill out a self-sufficient woman’s bookshelf.

Well-Read Women: A Reader’s Journal – $14.95 Buy Now »



At first it was simply the witty and entertaining storytelling of Jane Austen that hooked me on her works, but upon studying them and herself more, I’ve come to realize that there is a lot I love and respect about the author as a person. Being a female writer in her day and age categorizes her as an entrepreneur in my mind and I like believing we have that same kind of courageous spirit in common.Tori Tissell

Tori’s cozy handmade pillow celebrates Austen’s wit and wisdom—and the sharp ladies that populate her books.

Pride and Prejudice Pillow – $52 Buy Now »



Keys represent all the pieces of our lives—from home and family to job and back again—and this exquisite keychain reminds us how easily one can overwhelm the other. Paid leave policies ensure we can be there for those we love without jeopardizing our job or income.Ellen Bravo, Family Values @ Work

Crafted in collaboration with our Product Development team, this keychain sports a $1 giveback to Family Values @ Work, an organization committed to bringing paid family leave policies to all 50 states.

Work/Life Balance Keychain – $28 Buy Now »


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  • Reply Ryan Howard March 8, 2018 at 9:53 am

    I like the women’s determination necklace. I find keeping a few words of encouragement/motivation close by is a great way to gather inner strength and overcome challenges.

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